Green Irene

I'm getting better at this going green thing.  Sommer from Green and Clean Mom, she's always teasing me and bugging me about it (not in a bad way).  What I need is to get a Green Irene to come on over to my house and show me how to save energy, conserve water, clean a little bit greener and be more earth friendly.  What a great concept, having a ... Continue Reading

Green is Sassy, Sexy, and Fun

If you've already turned into a green junkie, then you're sure to love Sommer's new place over at Green & Clean Mom!  You don't have to be green to love her and the her new home though, in fact, I'm not even close to green but I greatly enjoy reading all the fun stuff she writes about. With the launch of Sommer's new home, Green & Clean ... Continue Reading

Are You Green?

A while back, I received some smelly pencils that were really fun to get and smell;), but what I really liked about them, is that they were made from 100% recycled newspaper.  I really do believe that anything we can do to make this place better to live in, we should do.  Our kids and grandkids will have to live here long after we're gone and they ... Continue Reading