Vote for Your Top Favorites

A while back I participated in Litemind's Lists Group Writing Project.  I'm number 5 on the list:)  All the entries have been submitted and now it's time to pick at least 3 of the 67 choices.  To help the voting get off to a good start, pick the ones that you like most and link to them on your blog. You have until Monday, Dec. 3rd to link to your ... Continue Reading


5 Ways to Become the Perfect Idiot

Driving~~Be sure to drive 50mph in the fast lane on an 75mph highway.  By doing this, you will get the horn honked at you and the finger shot at you, therefore making you a perfect idiot. Fast Food~~When you're at McDonalds, be sure to hold up the line staring at the menu for 5 whole minutes. Since McDonald's menu never changes, this will cause ... Continue Reading