Halloween Lollipop BOOquet Craft

Halloween Lollipop BOOquet

This Halloween Lollipop BOOquet craft is so easy, kids can do it! In fact, my Truett did half the work!  And the best part of this Halloween craft?  It cost well under $10, more like $6 to make and is a great gift idea for teachers and friends. There are probably several of these supplies that you already have at home like Kleenex, marker, … [Read more...]

A Roundup of Some of My Halloween Eats


Halloween is just around corner so if you're looking for some eats to make, here are a few of my favorites. BOO BABIES - Adorable and the easiest thing to make. Kid-friendly y'all! MUMMY DOGS - Another kid-friendly, easy to make recipe. WITCHES BROOMS - Not hard at all but not as simple as the previous too.  I think they would look … [Read more...]

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Made Easy

carved pumpkin

I'll be the first to admit, I haven't carved a pumpkin in years so I had no idea on how they've advanced the sets and tutorials to make it easy.  I felt encouraged when I read through the instructions of this cool Halloween pumpkin carving pattern and tool set.  I really felt like 'I can do this!'. First off, you pick the pattern you want to … [Read more...]

Cupcake Photo Toppers for Halloween

Cupcake Toppers for Halloween

The possibilities for Halloween-themed cupcakes are endless.  The creative junkies out there are making fingers, ghosts, and mummy dogs but not all of us are so creative or have the time.  And well, sometimes simple works best.  If you don't have time to make cupcakes, just grab some cupcakes at Wamart. They have big one and mini ones that you … [Read more...]

He is Captain America

Captain America

Truett has been waiting for his Halloween costume for weeks now.  When I first asked him what he wanted to be, he immediately said Captain America and has never changed his mind.  He spent an entire day in his costume, saving the ranch from fires and dangerous bears because he's not just some 6 year old ranch kid, he IS Captain … [Read more...]

Halloween Spider Using Duct Tape

Halloween Spider using Duct Tape

I love Halloween so when I was challenged to make something using Duct Tape and a pumpkin, a spooky spider instantly came to mind! First off, you'll need duct tape and I don't know if you've noticed lately, but duct tape projects are the trend these days.   If you check out your hardware section at Walmart, you'll see a whole display of … [Read more...]

Grab-n-Go Halloween Treats

Grab-n-Go Halloween Treats

I love Halloween treats! I've made Black Cat cookies, Crescent Mummy Dogs, Boo Babies, Witches Brooms, Candy Covered Mini Chocolate Apple Bites, and even a Hair Raising Cake in support of Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness month. Let's face it though, we don't always have time to make these kinds of treats. In fact, I haven't made anything in a … [Read more...]

Halloween Black Cat Cookies

Halloween Black Cats

Well, these Halloween Black Cat Cookies are FAR from perfect but they were definitely a LOT of fun to make!   They are a little time consuming but it's something that you should plan to spend an entire morning or day doing.  And I recommend that you make a plan, read all the directions first, and lay out all the tips, bags, colors (supplies) you'll … [Read more...]

A Halloween Home

ninja costume

Every year I pull out all our Halloween decorations like my favorite spider, and create a Halloween home.  We try to keep the scariness to a minimum just because Truett is still young but I've learned with raising 3 boys that if you don't teach them it's scary, then they won't think it's scary. I try to buy at least 3 things every year to add to … [Read more...]

Halloween Treat – Candy Covered Mini Chocolate Apple Bites


These don't have to be only Halloween treats but they does make for a fun one and as you can see, we used Halloween colors and decorations to celebrate the holiday.  They are very fun and vibrant.   Halloween always seems to be about sweets (and no exceptions here) but at least there are fresh apple bites incorporated into this one!  These are … [Read more...]

Hair Raising Cake Supporting the Cause


You should know that just because I am taking Wilton Decorating classes, that it doesn't mean I'm any good at it still.  I'm definitely learning much more but I still have such a long ways to go.  With this Hair Raising Cake, I wanted to do three things; incorporate Halloween of course, try not to completely ruin it, and pay tribute to those … [Read more...]

Spooktacular Wilton Giveaway!

Wilton offers a variety of baking products to help you make the most creative and beautiful cakes.  They also offer themed products and in this case, Halloween themed items!  I'll be making a few items over the next couple of weeks to get you in the Halloween mood and if you've baked something Halloweenish, I'd love to see a photo! One winner will … [Read more...]

Halloween Appetizer-Snack: Crescent Mummy Dogs

Mummy Dog Ingredients

The Witches Brooms were so cute that I just had to make and share these Mummy dogs with you today.  Check out these cute pigs in a blanket, Halloween style!!  Tell me those are not cute, I dare you!  And you could use mustard or ketchup as the eyes.  With all the Halloween sweets I've been posting, I thought these would make for a great … [Read more...]

Halloween Treats- Boo Babies

Boo Baby ingredients

More Halloween Treats!  Boo babies--Now tell me those aren't the cutest things ever!  Pretty simple to make too! INGREDIENTS 1 pkg. Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Cookies White Chocolate Morsels or Vanilla candy coating squares Mini Chocolate Chips Waxed Paper DIRECTIONS Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler or in the … [Read more...]

Spooooky Halloween Decorations

8 foot Halloween Spider

Okay, so these actually that spooky because I do have a toddler in the house and all you know.  I love Halloween decorations and that spider below has got to be my all time favorite!  My mom has on with a HUGE spiderweb but since I was too cheap to buy one of those, I just made it look like the spider was coming out of skylight.  … [Read more...]

Lori’s Pantry: Halloween Recipe Treats


Halloween is right around the corner and I always enjoy seeing the fun and spooky food recipes for this theme!  I thought it would be fun to round up a few that I found and share them with you. If you need a lot of ideas for Halloween Treats, you should consider purchasing 35 Fun Easy Halloween Recipes.  It's a $7 ebook (money goes to moms) that … [Read more...]

Cheap and Easy Halloween Crafts that are Kid Friendly


Before I get to the crafts, did ya'll notice my new template?  Look familiar?  It should because it's the same template I'm using on my top food blog!  I needed a more professional look but keeping with my logo and the header on the other template hogged up the whole front page!  Lemme know what you think!!  Honesty as always please! Okay, for … [Read more...]