Halloween Door Stop

DIY Halloween Door Stop Using a Toilet Plunger!

I know what you're thinking...a toilet plunger?  But it works great and you should see the themes my mom came up with for each holiday. Super cute y'all!  Right now, I'm sharing the Halloween Door Stop and fyi, this is a no instructions post.  I'm just sharing the idea and what we used but you can make it your own. I literally showed up at ... Continue Reading

Fruit Halloween EyeBalls Treat

Fruity Halloween Eyeballs

OMYCOW! Halloween is almost here and Truett is giddy about wearing his costume! He's been on a fruit kick lately so when we were discussing what Halloween treat to make, he immediately said eyeballs but wanted fruit in it. I'm far from a baking and decorating pro but we decided to attempt some not so scary, somewhat fruity Halloween ... Continue Reading

Monster Fingers

Halloween Monster Fingers

These monster fingers will be a HUGE hit with the kids.  Truett didn't think they were scary at all, and instead, thought they were super cool. He's a boy and 8....of course he did. He just loves Halloween but not so much because he likes to 'trick or treat' but because he loves the get-togethers and Fall festival.  Monster fingers are perfect for ... Continue Reading

Ghost S'mores for Halloween

Easy Ghost S’mores

Halloween is sneaking up on us and I have another easy idea for you; Ghost S'mores.  The kids will love these and really, you're not doing much more than regular s'mores call for.  Who doesn't love s'mores right?! I have lots of Halloween goodies here on the blog so be sure and use the search function in the right sidebar to find them.  If ... Continue Reading


Easy Witches’ Hats That Won’t Scare the Kids!

When thinking about Halloween, we usually think of scary ghosts, goblins, and creepy witch ladies but not everything has to be frightening.  These witches' hats won't scare the kids and they're really very easy to make. I remember the Halloween my grandmother was a witch.  I wish I could find that picture 'cause she was a pretty good one. She ... Continue Reading

Spooky Drinkware

DIY Spooky Drinkware for Kids for Halloween

This spooky drinkware is a great idea for the kids if you're hosting a Halloween party this year!  The best part is the kids can help you paint and draw their faces, giving you both some bonding time.  I know that Halloween is not everyone's cup of tea but we love the holiday around here.   We definitely try not to get too scary so even with these ... Continue Reading

Ghostly Pudding Cups

Ghostly Pudding Cups for Halloween

If you're like me, you're looking for an easy Halloween treat to make for the kiddos this year.  And really, most times it's the simplest things that kids love.  These ghostly pudding cups are easy, fun, and totally unhealthy! Honestly though, who are we kidding, hardly anything is healthy during Halloween.  I do have some candy corn inspired fruit ... Continue Reading

Halloween Lollipop BOOquet

Halloween Lollipop BOOquet Craft

This Halloween Lollipop BOOquet craft is so easy, kids can do it! In fact, my Truett did half the work!  And the best part of this Halloween craft?  It cost well under $10, more like $6 to make and is a great gift idea for teachers and friends. There are probably several of these supplies that you already have at home like Kleenex, marker, ... Continue Reading


A Roundup of Some of My Halloween Eats

Halloween is just around corner so if you're looking for some eats to make, here are a few of my favorites. BOO BABIES - Adorable and the easiest thing to make. Kid-friendly y'all! MUMMY DOGS - Another kid-friendly, easy to make recipe. WITCHES BROOMS - Not hard at all but not as simple as the previous too.  I think they would look ... Continue Reading

carved pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Made Easy

I'll be the first to admit, I haven't carved a pumpkin in years so I had no idea on how they've advanced the sets and tutorials to make it easy.  I felt encouraged when I read through the instructions of this cool Halloween pumpkin carving pattern and tool set.  I really felt like 'I can do this!'. First off, you pick the pattern you want to ... Continue Reading