Our Home Renovations…..Ummmm, Can I Be On One of Those Shows?


So a few weeks ago, we bought a house.  Our very own house y'all.  Problem is, it's needs a lot of work.  That's the price you pay for paying such a low price, right?   It clearly needs a ton of home renovations and we aren't even sure where to begin. Needless to say, my TV has stayed on the DIY channel 24/7.   You know, because I can … [Read more...]

DIY Ideas to Makeover Your Child’s Room – Chalkboard, Dry Erase, and Magnetic Surfaces!

chalkboard paint

Truett's room is getting a big makeover, starting with some of the walls and surfaces.  I'll be using chalkboard, dry erase, and magnetic paint to turn his dull room into a fun playroom!  Afterwards, I'll be filling his room with organizers, a table to play on, and much more. If you've ever thought about these paints or even read the … [Read more...]