Our Home Renovations…..Ummmm, Can I Be On One of Those Shows?


So a few weeks ago, we bought a house.  Our very own house y'all.  Problem is, it's needs a lot of work.  That's the price you pay for paying such a low price, right?   It clearly needs a ton of home renovations and we aren't even sure where to begin. Needless to say, my TV has stayed on the DIY channel 24/7.   You know, because I can … [Read more...]

Help Me Makeover My Bathroom in a Frugal Fashion!

This is our bathroom and it just got a new tub!  I have not done anything in here and need your help!  I want to make it over in a WESTERN/COWBOY/COWGIRL theme and in a frugal manner since I am trying to be more frugal in 2009! As you can see, it needs tons of TLC so please help me make it over!  All suggestions are welcome from paint to curtains … [Read more...]