Home Improvement – Gutting The Bathroom

We knew when we got this house, that tons of home renovations were needed.  While we aren't super 'handy', we aren't scared to try tackling projects.  With that said, there are something you just need to hire someone to do.  One of them?  Plumbing.  Before I get to that though, let me tell you about how we got to that point.... Our first home ... Continue Reading

clorox bleachable moment

Bleachable Moment – Getting That Stubborn Coffee Stain Out!

We have a house full of coffee drinkers around here and one of the things that chaps my hide is the stained coffee cups.  If it was just us who drank out of them, I guess it's one thing but if someone were to come over and want a cup of coffee, I'd have cups that look like they've never been cleaned!  Embarrassing!  Thankfully, with a tiny bit of ... Continue Reading


Bissell Deep Cleaner Premier Review

Over time, carpet tends to feel matted and look dingy. Vacuuming removes dirt and debris but as time wears on, the carpet gradually loses its shine and finish. When we moved in this house, the carpets were pretty bad so in order for our carpets to look decent, we have to deep clean them regularly.   The Bissell Deep Cleaner Premier is a carpet ... Continue Reading

mrs. meyers

Mrs. Meyer Cleaned My Home

One of the things I love about kids going back to school, is being able to clean my home and it actually staying clean longer.  Funny how that is huh?  Well for two weeks, I've been letting Mrs. Meyer clean my home.  Okay, not actually a person came and cleaned my home.  I'll be honest, I hadn't ever heard of Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products before ... Continue Reading


Truett’s Room

I already shared some of the projects I did for Truett's room with the huge DIY Magnetic Chalkboard and today I'm sharing his room with some furniture pieces added. The first thing I did was go through his room and toss everything that was broken.   Because I needed to maximize space, especially since he didn't even have a dresser, I prowled for ... Continue Reading


FAGE Yogurt – Diabetic and Gluten Free Friendly

Yogurt is something that, I feel, you have to acquire a taste for.  I have always despised yogurt until recently.  Because of it's many health benefits, I'm learning to like it.  Then, I was told, by the owner of this ranch, Amy, who is a very sweet woman I might add, about  FAGE, a Greek yogurt. She said it was delicious and that I MUST get my ... Continue Reading

Baked Squash Casserole

Baked Squash Casserole

I'm actually not a fan of squash but everyone I know loves it.  I try to cook it often for my family and for the cowboys but get tired of the same ol' fried squash.  I decided this time around to try some baked squash.  I fed the cowboys today and must have done something right with the recipe because the entire casserole dish was empty!  Makes me ... Continue Reading


Entertaining with Southern Living at HOME Decor

Have you noticed some of the platters I've been using in my photos? They are from Southern Living at HOME.  I have to say, I was quite surprised by the beauty and quality of these pieces.  I've never had much for entertaining purposes and while these can be used anytime, I enjoy bringing them out for my photos or when company is over. You'll be ... Continue Reading

Breaded Boneless Pork Chops

Breaded Boneless Pork Chops

Another meal here on the ranch, only 5 more days to go.  I NEVER cook pork chops or chicken for cowboys.  We get our beef furnished with our job so I might as well use that right?  But I needed a break from beef and decided to cook pork chops. Now of course, I had to fry them.  I mean, I'm feeding a bunch of hungry cowboys and they don't want ... Continue Reading


The Best Dinner Rolls – Soft, Sweet Bread!

These dinner rolls are one of the easiest and most delicious bread recipes I have.  I first learned how to make dinner rolls from one of our previous employer's wife, on the Fulton Quien Sabe Ranch.  She was a great cook and made many things from scratch but boy could she make a bread recipe now!  She always had to make double because each cowboy ... Continue Reading