Breakin’ Nintendo


One of the questions I get most often is about my oldest son, and that's "How does he break horses?".  Since he recently started a colt, I thought I'd share with you day 1 of breakin' Nintendo, his Dad's horse.  And if you're wondering why his name is Nintendo....this is why. He's branded with DS.  I thought my husband was clever with the name, … [Read more...]

Cowpoke’s New-Old Horse, Smokey, Rainy Days, and Wet Boots

We haven't seen rain in FOREVER around here so the nice shower we had the other day was absolute heaven.  We let Truett play in the rain puddles all evening, fully clothed and all, including his Mickey Mouse ears he got from Disney World.  Those are the little moments I enjoy most. Remember Sparkplug?  Well, we still have him and Truett … [Read more...]

Sparkplug and Truett


It's been a while since I showed you photos of Truett with Sparkplug. Remember the last time?  He's grown soooo much!!  Now he uses a bridle to stop, turn, and even spin Sparkplug. It really is the cutest thing and I just love to watch his facial expressions when he's riding. He's so proud and he loves to see you watching him. Anyways, I'm gonna … [Read more...]

Around the Ranch

torch sparks

We have some fun photo challenges happening right now at the forum.  Check it out. In the mean time, here are some photos I took the other day around the ranch.  Have a good'un! … [Read more...]

Cowboy Truett

cowboy truett

He's a clone of his oldest brother Tyler.   He can't wait to work cows on Sparkplug.  He's Cowboy Truett … [Read more...]

Cowpoke Underpants, The Horse Whisperer


Oh Truett...he reminds me so much of oldest brother that it's like I'm watching Tyler grow up all over again.  Truett loves horses, loves the outdoors and loves to ride.  Sometimes he just pulls his little chair onto the front porch and sits and watches the horses outside.  It's the sweetest thing ever. When the horses come close to the … [Read more...]

A Cowpoke and His Horse


A while back at a rodeo, a super nice fella that we've known for awhile now, gave Truett a miniature horse. Horses in general aren't cheap and for even these little boogers they can still be thousands of dollars. For Mr. Butler to give little man Sparkplug, well, it meant a lot to us and to Truett. From the day Truett's Uncle Andy sent us a … [Read more...]



We got a new horse and Tyler's havin' fun ridin' him.   He was a little fresh the first day but we think he was a little spoiled is all.  He pitched a little on his first ride but nothing bad at all, definitely nothing Tyler couldn't handle.  For photo purposes, I was hoping for a more bronc-y ride but oh well. Maybe the next colt he rides will … [Read more...]

Almost 16 and Quite the Young Man


Tyler, my oldest, has sorta always felt like my brother in a way.  I mean, I did have him at 17 after all so we kinda grew up together in a sense I suppose.  He always gave me a hard time from the early newborn days until about 14.  I remember waking up at 2am trying to soothe him with no luck at all and my husband walking over, patting him on the … [Read more...]

Welcome Baby Peptoboonsmal


My BIL &  SIL had a baby today!!  Please say Happy Valentine's and Happy Birthday! … [Read more...]

Random Cowboy Photos


Not much happening.  Gotta go and get groceries today so I won't be on much.  Lovin' it though.  Here's a few pictures I took and edited. First one is of a spur my man made and had in his back pocket.   This one is of my man helping the bronc rider get ready this weekend at the rodeo. This last one is of one of the bronc riders … [Read more...]

Vignette – Animals

Horse Eye

[Read more...]

Photography Tips: Standing Tall


When you photograph horses, it's always important to get the right stance.  The wrong stance can make their hindquarters look small, make them look skinny, and their head look big.  Taking the picture is only half the problem, getting the horse to cooperate is the other half. I'm no professional by any means but here are a couple of tips that … [Read more...]

Family Generousity


We have a great family, most of the time.  My oldest son Tyler, has a very strong work ethic.  He's not lazy by any means and it always willing to do a some work regardless of whether he's getting paid or not.  I love that.  A kid that will work hard for nothing.  You don't see that too often these days.  Kids want everything handed to … [Read more...]

Wittle Biddy Pony

Our friends, on the neighboring ranch, have miniature ponies.  Well, a new baby was born this weekend so we headed over today to see the lil fella.  Oh goodness he's a cutie!  I took quite a few pictures and just had to share them with you.  Truett even got to pet on the little pony.  It was soooo cute.  It was just his size:)  I hope things are … [Read more...]

Elmer is Da Man

You know, Elmer really is a beautiful horse.  He's huge with a golden mane and tail and he really is a 'Gentle Giant'.  Our friends we're here this weekend and when she called him this, I knew it was the perfect nickname.  … [Read more...]


There will be no rambling roundup today.  I've got too much on my plate right now and frankly, I just don't have time to go around and find interesting posts.  Sorry.  My standmixer contest is over finally.  While I'm thankful for all the entries, links, and votes...I'm glad to not have to deal with that many comments.  I believe the total was … [Read more...]

Our Poor Lil Colt

I'm so glad the weekend is over!  These kids eat like they ain't gonna eat again in their lives.  All the boys had so much fun though so I'm glad.  Tyler's the cool one and they all said that they thought Tyler's DAD was DA BOMB!  LOL.   They said he's sooooo strong because of the way he pushed that steer in the trailer!  Pictures are below of them … [Read more...]

Halter Breakin’ Colts

As I've mentioned before, my husband brought home 2 colts.  They need halter breaking, which is where Tyler comes in.  They're just yearlings and have never been touched and sure enough haven't had anything put on them before.  For those who have no clue what halter breakin''s basically getting the horse used to having a rope … [Read more...]

Follow the Leader

One of the things my husband did on his way to Colorado was pick a colt for his brother from his brother...get it?   What I didn't know is that he would come home with 2 colts!  Yep, he went and bought one on his little visit.  They're cute little boogers ain't they.  Because they wouldn't go into the pens on their own,  my son saddled up and led … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Ummm, if I'm not mistaken, I thought horses were faster than goats?  I really didn't expect to see the horses running in for feed time with a goat leading the  He looks kinda cute out there being the leader though. Just in case you're having a hard time spotting him, he's brown and white and right in from of all the horses.   I guess he … [Read more...]