Blueberry Frozen Breakfast

Popsicles for breakfast?!  Why not!  These blueberry breakfast ice pops, with Cheerios, are a super fun way to treat your kiddos on Summer mornings.  You can use any fruit that's in season. In fact, I have some strawberry ones coming soon.  Both strawberries and blueberries are two of our favorites around here and we always keep Cheerios on hand. ... Continue Reading

Dr Seuss Thing 1 Nutter Butter Treats

Dr. Seuss – Read Across America PLUS Thing 1 and Thing 2 Recipe!

How does one celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss?  Well by reading of course!  March 2nd, kids will be reading across America to celebrate the special day, and Truett is no exception. He's already started with a new Dr. Seuss book we got in the mail.  He already has several other books but the fact that this one was a little more advanced, was ... Continue Reading

Dad with kids

Keeping a Technological Groove With the Young Ones

Contribution made by Becky W. Dad, did you know that your relationship with your children is one of the best indicators of their success in life? That’s right, your influence as a father has an enormous impact on your children’s self-esteem, happiness, emotional and social development, and confidence. No one can adequately fill the place of a ... Continue Reading


Getting Your Child Ready for the Real World

Following is a guest post. As the saying goes, the children are our future. As parents we feel the need to guide our children in the right direction so that they can live fulfilled, happy and successful lives. Unlike us, however, our children are growing up surrounded by technology. It's an integral part of our everyday lives, and nobody knows ... Continue Reading


Cowpoke’s New-Old Horse, Smokey, Rainy Days, and Wet Boots

We haven't seen rain in FOREVER around here so the nice shower we had the other day was absolute heaven.  We let Truett play in the rain puddles all evening, fully clothed and all, including his Mickey Mouse ears he got from Disney World.  Those are the little moments I enjoy most. Remember Sparkplug?  Well, we still have him and ... Continue Reading

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Tryin’ to Catch Me Ridin’ Cozy

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, I had one, almost everyone had one over the years it seems.  They were so much fun and required leg work, which is always good for the heart.  Nothing against the battery powered ones or anything but it always seems like with something more simple like this little coupe, it requires you to use your imagination. Example: ... Continue Reading


Terror of Tiny Town

It's hard to believe that it took 10 years for us to be blessed with this handsome lil' fella but it did and now he's a three year old terror.  Can someone tell me who the heck made up the terrible two's because they were wrong. It's the terrible three's.  Three--where they can do everything by themselves, start talking back, understand that 'no' ... Continue Reading

Temp 569

Dandy’s Western Wear One Man Rodeo Show

I've always gotten the cutest little comments about my boys when they were growing up. I guess there's just something about seeing a little fella in Wranglers, boots, and a cowboy hat. Anyways, we headed out to the Dandy's to buy Toby some Cinch Jeans that are SUPER cheap ($20 in fact because he buys them in s HUGE bulk), when the cowpoke spotted ... Continue Reading


Disney Makes Traveling More Fun for Kiddos!

Disney is offering an “On the Road With” kit to one lucky reader! The kit promises to keep children comfortably entertained during car or plane trips this summer and will put an end to the dreaded “Are we there yet?” questions while allowing families to share their favorite family vacation destinations. The travel kit ... Continue Reading


My Mother’s Day Moments with My Boys

I decided to force my kids to take pictures with me even though I hate pictures myself.  I don't have very many with my boys so we did a few quick ones.  I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and we spent almost every single moment together the entire weekend! We went to a ranch rodeo Saturday, shopped, ate at Logan's and then went home. ... Continue Reading