Dibs on My Ribs Recipe Cookoff! Win Groceries for a Year


Who wouldn't wanna win free groceries for a year?  Right now, you can enter your rib recipe into the Dibs on my Ribs Cookoff and you just may get those groceries!  You have until August 12th to enter and you'll need to have the following in your recipe to be qualified as an entrant: Spare Ribs A McCormick Spice/Seasoning A Kraft Sauce (if a … [Read more...]

A Family Friendly Virtual Cookbook at Your Fingertips

Update: Giveaway is over but please check out the app!  Thanks! Truett is finally getting to the age where he can help in the kitchen more and with the help of an iPad food app and some kid friendly recipes, we are sure to create some memories! Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson has added to the already large selection of recipes by creating … [Read more...]

My Very Own iFood Assistant

Kraft ifood assistant app

I recently downloaded the Kraft iFood Assistant app because 1) I'm a foodie and 2) one of my biggest goals for 2010 is to be more organized.   I actually don't have hardly any food apps on my iPhone so I was excited to try this out. From the main menu, you can access a number of features immediately; recipe of the day, cooking videos, recipe … [Read more...]

VELVEETA it Kitchenista – Wednesday’s Waste Not, Want Not

Temp 562

Last year I had the honor of working with Kraft Velveeta creating the winning recipe, Shrimp Stroganoff Casserole and this year I'm honored to say I'm a VELVEETA it Kitchenista!  Me and 4 other bloggers were asked to take part in a campaign to bring you Velveeta recipes and tips & advice to help make your dinner a success! Each Kitchenista is … [Read more...]

ALERT- Kraft First Taste Program- Be the First to Try a Product! It’s Back, hurry!

EDITED: IT'S BACK!!!! Better hurry though! Do you want to be a taste tester for Kraft?  Right now, you can sign up for their Kraft First Taste program and be among the first folks to try a product out.  Kraft makes a gazillion products so this could be a great program to be a part of! You'll try their product out and then provide some feedback … [Read more...]

Stand Mixer, Immersion Blender, Food Processor (OVER)


I told you I would have something AWESOME for you guys in the final stretch of the Velveeta Challenge and I wasn't lying!  I did a twitter poll asking people what their favorite small kitchen appliance was and these 3 had an overwhelming majority.  SOOOOOOOO, I decided to let the winner choose their prize!  OH YEAH BABY!   Umm, yeah, I have some … [Read more...]

The Velveeta Challenge Recipe that is Under $20

I actually had a great recipe that I was going to post but after getting my pictures onto the computer, I realized that I forgot to take the final picture!! Gah! What was I thinking.  So now I'm gonna talk about my process for the recipe I created and the cost of it for the Velveeta Challenge. As I mentioned before, when I think of casserole … [Read more...]

Cut the Cheese with A Cowboy’s Wife

Because of my awesome opportunity with Kraft Velveeta, I wanted to do something so that everyone else can be involved as well.  I created two groups; a youtube group and a flickr group.  Depending on whether you want to upload a video or picture, you will choose which group is best for you. For the video group, simply upload a video of you or a … [Read more...]

KRAFT Velveeta Casserole Challenge!


I am so excited to announce that I was one of 5 bloggers chosen to participate in the Velveeta Casserole Challenge by KRAFT!!! (Link won't be live until Oct. 13th or so)  In the meantime, you guys can go read all about Velveeta and the recipes. So what's the Velveeta Casserole Challenge all about? Each blogger was asked to create a casserole … [Read more...]