Almost Wordless Wednesday: A Panasonic LIHD Family

Remember when I wrote about the Living in HD Community the other day. I about died when around 2hrs later, Fedex showed up at my doorstep with some papers.  Papers telling me our family was chosen as a LIHD Family!! WOOHOOO!!!  Papers have been signed and Pre-installation questions answered. You can read my previous post about it but some of ... Continue Reading


Panasonic’s Living in HD Community

I've always known Panasonic to be a brand that is affordable and built to last.  I grew up with their products as I'm sure many of you did so when I learned of their 'Living in HD' community, I was eager to learn more about their goals.  I have to be honest, the first thing that actually led me to the site, was the application to become an LIHD ... Continue Reading