Mario Batali Can Cook Me Hold My Lunch Anytime!

Update: Giveaway is over. Have you seen the Mario Batali Lunchbags line? OMG, they are THE most stylish, functional lunch bags ever! I recently received the Mario Batali Lunch Bag (The Crew Tote) in this expresso color and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!  Not only is it THE most stylish lunch bag I've had, it's also the most functional one. Some quick … [Read more...]


I know many of you could see my site most of the day but I could not.  Finally, at 11:30pm, I could! I appreciate everyone's patience with it all and I hope that my blogging break and web host drama doesn't drive you away.  So, if you are looking for a great web host, I cannot recommend HostGator enough!  Their customer service RAWKS!  They also … [Read more...]