Reaching 19 Years with the Help of Love and Vows


When you meet and marry your husband the way I did, nobody expects you to stay married. Nobody.  And when you marry a cowboy, it makes for an interesting ride full of ups, downs, and even a few "bucked off" moments.  Through it all though, you remember why you married and how love & vows played the biggest roles in keeping you … [Read more...]

16 Years and Three Kids Later

Ever wonder where the time flies?  I don't because it feels like we've been married FOREVER.   We've had our ups and downs like any other marriage but we are definitely at our happy place and have been for for the past few years.  We know each other so well.  I know how to make him laugh and that he hates being patted on the back.  He knows how to … [Read more...]

Do Cheater Victims Deserve It?


HELL NO!  Of course they don't because cheating men are bastards, however, there a couple of exceptions that could possible prevent cheaters from straying.  As promised to my twitter friends, I said I would explain the latter and that's why I'm here.  Before I do though, I'd like to say that I'm writing this because of an article written at … [Read more...]

He Drives Me Crazy

in a good way that is.  After 15+yrs with the same man, I love that I'm still in love with him.  I love that when I watch him from afar, he still turns me on.  I love that I get that little girl tingling crush feeling when he winks at me or slaps my behind. So many marriages end within a couple of years and I find that so sad.  Marriage ain't … [Read more...]

Silence Can Be Sexy

Windmill Sunset

My man asked me to take a ride with him on the four wheeler this evening.  We didn't talk the entire time.  I held him, our hands touched, we kissed, and then we stopped for a bit and I got a picture of this beautiful sunset.  No need for words with us.  We can look at each other and know exactly what we're thinking. So shut your trap and … [Read more...]

Why My Marriage Works

Since my 15th anniversary is coming up, I thought I would recap why I think our marriage has lasted so long.  I'm quiet proud of how long we've been together especially since I married at 16!! Yep, I'm 31:) One thing we have never dealt with, is jealousy.  Why? Because we just don't get jealous.  I think if  you are truly in love with each other, … [Read more...]