handmade cowboy spurs

Handmade Cowboy Spurs – Mermaid

I haven't posted a picture of anything my husband's built lately but we recently listed the cowboy spurs so I thought I'd share with ya!  They feature a mermaid on one side and two hearts on the other.  They end on January 11th in case you know someone interested! ... Continue Reading


The Metalsmith Boys

If you don't already know, my husband builds spurs.  Lots of them here lately along with bits and buckles.  Well I guess his talent is rubbing off on my both of my sons because they have been busy. Let's take a look at my oldest son's work first.  He was dying to make his own pair of spurs, and I mean dying..he was begging like a little ... Continue Reading


Handmade Bits and Spurs Marked R Falcon

Visit his website at Rooster Falcon dot com I've got a new store coming soon and one section will be devoted to my husband's trade of bit and spur making.  It won't be nothin' fancy but it will be a page people can go to if they want to order something.  I'm trying to talk him into expanding and making some jewelry but it's not flying too well.  ... Continue Reading