A Hot Coors Light

coors light in fire

I'm taking advantage of this new D90 that Nikon sent me. It's definitely different than my dinosaur D70s but I love all the changes and extras on it. While at a recent ugly sweater party, I snapped a photo of this Coors Light can in the fire. I thought it made a pretty picture. I could have taken photos of the all the ugly sweaters I … [Read more...]

Nikon, Ghetto Frisbee, and Mini DP’s

Nikon Camera and lens

I woke up early this morning craving Dr. Pepper. I've been pretty good about the soda lately, however, in substitute, I'm drinking sweet tea. *sigh*  I decided to have some Dole Fruit Jello with my mini DP.  Will the good cancel out the bad, not that it's bad, just too much isn't good....?  I didn't think so.  By the way, that is not ALL dust..they … [Read more...]

7 Minutes with Carson Kressley and an Evening with Nikon

Carson Kressley

Carson Kressley is not only telling you "How to Look Good Naked",  he's also telling you how to "Look Good in Pictures" and I hope he shares a few tips with me during my 7 minute interview with him at Blogher!  Lord knows I could use the help in that department. Anyways, on Friday evening while at Blogher, I'll have the absolutely wonderful … [Read more...]

My Nikon Goods and My Nikon Wish List

I'm often asked what's in my bag...camera bag that is and while it's not everything I want, it's a start. I'll start with my bag.  It's a Quantarary Pro Backpack. It's okay...a little bigger than I'd like to have but it's been durable.  If I could recommend one, it would be the Nikon Backpack that holds your DSLR camera, lenses, and even your … [Read more...]

My Walmart Wish List


I'm always focused on getting the kids and my man stuff for Christmas that I rarely get myself anything as most moms do.  And since I am one of the Eleven Moms of Walmart, I thought it would be fun to pick out my "dying to have" products. So one of the things that I found to be a hassle while traveling to Blogher this summer, was my laptop was … [Read more...]

My NEW Camera!

I can't chat long, my son is getting his back teeth in and has been crying for about 4 hrs:( I got my new camera today..woohoo!!  After much debate (with myself), I finally decided on the Nikon d70s SLR Camera.  As you can see, I have just about everything I need and am ready to starting taking pictures.  I read the entire manual while holding … [Read more...]