10 Sporting Good Essentials to Get Through the School Year’s Sports Season

Truett and Katie Highland Hornets

One of my favorite things to do during the school year, is to watch the kids play in all the sporting events.  And not even just my kids, but other kids as well.  Since this is a regular thing for us, I wanted to share our must-haves to survive sports during the school year.  I also had to share these two cuties; Truett and his very good friend … [Read more...]

Glued at the Hip

Six Flag San Antonio

I can remember Tyler when he was little, before Toby came along, doing everything with his Dad.  It was just them two, all the time. Now it's Truett and his Dad. No matter what we're doing, where we're at, them two are glued to each other.  It makes me happy to see that bond.  I'm so blessed to live the life that I live and have the family that I … [Read more...]

Taking Five to Focus on Family


Back in May, I met a man who inspired to create my own family memories.  A man who brought tears to my eyes while listening to his own family memories.  They were bittersweet tears for me.  Tears because I wished I had had some of those kind of memories that he had experienced when I was a child and tears of happiness because I was creating similar … [Read more...]

Almost 16 and Quite the Young Man


Tyler, my oldest, has sorta always felt like my brother in a way.  I mean, I did have him at 17 after all so we kinda grew up together in a sense I suppose.  He always gave me a hard time from the early newborn days until about 14.  I remember waking up at 2am trying to soothe him with no luck at all and my husband walking over, patting him on the … [Read more...]

T-Mobile’s Cell Phone Family Allowance and Mom to Mom Quiz


Kudos to T-Mobile for incorporating a family allowance into their cell phone plans.  How many times have you or your child gone over their minutes & texts and cringed with fear when opening your cell phone bill? I'll never forget the first time Tyler got his first cell phone and we got the first bill.  Oh.my.gosh. I about died.  $800.  I'm … [Read more...]

The Sweet Moments


Little man is at the age where he is into everything.  He doesn't mind as well, he wants to help do everything and where tantrums are inevitable.  Even through some of the more trying times, it's those sweet moments that come into play and make everything okay. and clearly I need to clean his fingernails......and cut them. … [Read more...]

16 Years and Three Kids Later

Ever wonder where the time flies?  I don't because it feels like we've been married FOREVER.   We've had our ups and downs like any other marriage but we are definitely at our happy place and have been for for the past few years.  We know each other so well.  I know how to make him laugh and that he hates being patted on the back.  He knows how to … [Read more...]

*GASP* She’s Talking Faith


I can just see my family & friends rolling their eyes at this post but that is exactly why I'm writing it. To prove that I'm at least trying to find faith. So, it was suggested by some friends of mine that I give "The Case for Christ" a read. A book about a journalist who absolutely didn't believe in Jesus, etc and set out to investigate … [Read more...]

Accident Proned or Bad Parenting?


I can't help but to have mommy guilt when my little man gets hurt, especially since his latest injury.  I mean, gah, he just had another coco on his head from another accident the other day. So this latest one....we have a couple of 4-wheelers here.  One with guards, one without.  My boys had just ridden so they were both hot.  Little man went … [Read more...]

Sleep is for the Weak

sleep is for the weak

EDITED: This giveaway is over! which means I'm strong because I totally don't get any sleep! It takes a lot to  do what I do, write for who I write for, and blog for you. I got this book, Sleep is for the Weak, at the Blogher conference. I started reading it on the flight home and was instantly hooked. It was extremely comical, serious, … [Read more...]

Is Online Tutoring a Worthy Investment?

How does it work? Students and tutors work together in a real time virtual classroom. Powered by state-of-the-art technology and staffed by expert, background checked tutors, Tutor.com gives you the flexibility, freedom and quality you deserve—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You never need an appointment and there are no time limits on … [Read more...]

Mommy Tip

This is for mommies who have little ones still in diapers.  Buy those cheap generic ziplock baggies. When your little one performs the "#2", place the soiled diaper in the bag and toss in the trash.  It helps to avoid those awful diaper smells for a much longer time! … [Read more...]