Cowboy Truett aka Mr. Attitude

Mr. Attitude

In 2010, I took photos of a lot of faces but when I think about all of them, this one of Truett sticks out the most.  I remember it so well because he had such a bad attitude that day.  I know now that it was just him getting ready to be the rotten age of 4.   Many of you know this age yes?  They get mad when they don't get their way.  They want ... Continue Reading

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Baking with Mom Moments Photo Contest

Have you seen my post where Truett helps me bake a ton of cupcakes?  I LOVE cooking and baking with my kids, always have.  Even if it's just them helping me stir something or grabbing a potato and handing it to me, it's all special because they are moments between me and them. I want to see moments like this from you.  Maybe you're a Mom, know a ... Continue Reading

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Blue Ribbon Photos, Photography Contest – Sapphire

It’s time for another round of the  Blue Ribbon Photos contest.  I am loving what people are submitting for their photo entries in each theme! Can't wait to see what everyone does for the theme this month!  I’ve been working hard to gather sponsors up for you guys which is why the contest was absent last month. It’s good to go from here on ... Continue Reading


Faces – Blue Ribbon Winner

So sorry for the delay folks. I never expected July to be so hectic! Man there were some GREAT entries with this theme!! I am so glad that I didn't have to choose the winner this time around because I would not have been able to do it!  A couple of my favorites are this strong fella fighting back the tears. What a great photo capture of ... Continue Reading


Blue Ribbon Photos, Photography Contest – Faces

It's time for the second Blue Ribbon Photos contest.  The first one was a great success and I can't wait to see what everyone does for the theme this month!  I've been working hard to gather sponsors up for you guys which is why the contest was absent last month. It's good to go from here on out! Every month, I will hold a photo contest here, ... Continue Reading

Baking with Mom 250

Baking with Mom Photo Contest

I've had so many special cooking moments with my kids but one of my favorite moments is when me and Truett baked tons of cupcakes! We baked, iced, and decorated with fun and colorful icing and cupcake toppings. It was so special. I want to see that type of moment from you guys! Whether you are the mom, know a mom, or know someone with the heart ... Continue Reading


Moments with Mom Contest

Post photos | Recently added | Most views | Top rated Me and Breville want you to share your Mom moments with a photo of Moms baking with kids. Whether you're a Mom, have a Mom, or know someone who has the heart of a Mom, then we want to see a photo of a Mom moment with that theme! ... Continue Reading

Little Cowboy

Cover Kid Photo Contest for Parents Magazine

Raise your hand if you think you have the cutest kid in America. *raising hand* Well if you do and have a photo of your little one, you can enter into Parents Magazine's Cover Photo Contest. It's free and your little one could be on the November 2009 Cover issue and be entered to win $10,000. There are two categories: 3mths - 2 years and 2 ... Continue Reading

Flowers and Tulips

The Blue Ribbon Winner and Runner-ups

Sorry it took me so long to write this. I've been cooking for the ranch, tending to sick kids and now tending to my sick self. There were lots of great entries and I know the judges had a hard time deciding who should win.  There were quite a few that didn't follow all the rules but we tried to cut everyone slack this first time around.  Next ... Continue Reading


Blue Ribbon Photos, Photography Contest – Colors

EDITED: This month's contest is over. Thanks for entering and if you missed out this time, keep your eyes peeled for next month! I've always wanted to hold a photo contest and have decided to make it ongoing (assuming it is successful).  Welcome to Blue Ribbon Photos, my first ever photo contest.  I've got bigger things in mind for this but will ... Continue Reading