Simple Color Highlighting with Photoshop


After checking out the Diva's tutorial on color highlighting, I thought I would recreate the tutorial using Adobe Photoshop instead of Gimp since this is what I have.  Basically it's the same thing but we have different readers so I thought I'd do it for my readers. I've always enjoyed seeing photos that are black and white with one particular … [Read more...]

Photography Tips: Standing Tall


When you photograph horses, it's always important to get the right stance.  The wrong stance can make their hindquarters look small, make them look skinny, and their head look big.  Taking the picture is only half the problem, getting the horse to cooperate is the other half. I'm no professional by any means but here are a couple of tips that … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Evening

I don't have a tripod so my sunset is a bit blurry but still worth looking at.  There was no wind yesterday evening and it's was warm.  I could have sat there all night, in fact, had I had some camping gear I might have slept outside all night.  I've been having some back problems the last few days so I haven't got out to take any pics.  I thought … [Read more...]

Unique in Their Own Way

Just a random post today.  I've got some house cleaning to do and won't be on the computer much today.  I thought I'd post a photo of each of my loves.  They are all tired and filthy but still cute.  They all are so unique and it's always interesting to see what they're gonna say or do next. Da' Man is drinking a beer after a long day at work.  … [Read more...]

Spade Ranch Headquarters Entrance

Remember the cool ranch brands that I talked about a while ago?  Well, we also saw the Spade Ranch Entrance and I found it to be quite interesting.  If you don't already know, my brother-in-law works for the Spades but in a different part of Texas than what these pictures were taken  in.  Anyhoo, we drove right past the entrance but I made my … [Read more...]

I’m Baaaack

Hey YA'LL!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend:)  We had a good time this weekend.  We went to see some friends and just hangout.  Of course, I was around skinny girls as usual so I better get back to takin' my Hydroxycut.  Here's a shout out to the folks that were so kind to have us over, feed us, and give such a warm inviting atmosphere!  … [Read more...]

Elmer is Da Man

You know, Elmer really is a beautiful horse.  He's huge with a golden mane and tail and he really is a 'Gentle Giant'.  Our friends we're here this weekend and when she called him this, I knew it was the perfect nickname.  … [Read more...]


There will be no rambling roundup today.  I've got too much on my plate right now and frankly, I just don't have time to go around and find interesting posts.  Sorry.  My standmixer contest is over finally.  While I'm thankful for all the entries, links, and votes...I'm glad to not have to deal with that many comments.  I believe the total was … [Read more...]

Random Photos 2

I'm feeling random again.  I've got a ton of things to do and no time for blogging right now.  Here's a few random pics of mi familia:) y mas. My middle son Toby. Nose picker....ewww. My man and my little guy on a cute donkey that belongs to my sister-in-law. … [Read more...]

Cool Cowboy Ranch Brands

We went to visit some friends this weekend and along the path, we came across this wall in Colorado City.  It's a store actually but they 'branded' their side wall with all the ranches brands that reside in Mitchell County.  There are some very cool looking brands on this wall. Every ranch has a brand.  The main purpose of the having the brand is … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve Pictures

Here's some more pictures from New Years.  This is my man:) This is our good friend who was kind enough to invite us over to help bring in the New Year:) And here they are having man talk. Finally, here's 2 of my kiddos (the oldest and the youngest) watching. … [Read more...]

Baby Calves Everywhere

The calves are hitting the ground.  We've got quite a few right now..they're so cute when they're little:)  This one was born today...he still has some wet spots. Don't wanna leave momma. "I ain't been kissin' nobody!" And then they grow up.... … [Read more...]

Random Photos 1

I'm feeling random tonight and not sure what to post about at the moment so I guess I'll show you some random photos:)  Remember when I had the "Guess the Mountain Contest"?  Well, I took a picture of the same mountain but with my new camera.  I don't think it's a good picture by any means but it is much clearer.  You can see a bit more detail … [Read more...]

Bashful Cowboy

I had hec getting a picture of my man today.  He kept turning away everytime I tried to snap one of him.  He's actually very shy when it comes to pictures, which is the complete opposite of his older sibling.  He was actually walking off in this one and I said, "Hey, where ya headed?".  He turned to answer and SNAP! I got it:)  It looked fine in … [Read more...]

A Friend, Laren

I just got done checking a friend of mine, Laren's, photography website.  She has so many beautiful photos, but I really enjoyed the wedding flowers and bouquets.  Absolutely stunning colors.  The first time I met Laren, we were at a cuttin'.  She was taking pictures of the cuttin' itself and I was watching my man take part in it.  We clicked … [Read more...]