Snaps of….


While in NYC, I quickly snapped a photo of the Statue of Liberty.  I was on a moving boat that was still for all of 30 seconds, and I was soaken wet to boot!  Anyhoo, I loved seeing the giant beauty and if I ever go back, I'll definitely take the time to see her up close and pay my respect to such a historic piece of our country. I've been … [Read more...]

Mr. Attitude

Cowboy Truett aka Mr. Attitude

In 2010, I took photos of a lot of faces but when I think about all of them, this one of Truett sticks out the most.  I remember it so well because he had such a bad attitude that day.  I know now that it was just him getting ready to be the rotten age of 4.   Many of you know this age yes?  They get mad when they don't get their way.  They want … [Read more...]

A Hot Coors Light

coors light in fire

I'm taking advantage of this new D90 that Nikon sent me. It's definitely different than my dinosaur D70s but I love all the changes and extras on it. While at a recent ugly sweater party, I snapped a photo of this Coors Light can in the fire. I thought it made a pretty picture. I could have taken photos of the all the ugly sweaters I … [Read more...]

Preserving 2010 Photo Favorites {Giveaway}


2010 is almost over and with that, I find myself reflecting on the things I've experienced and accomplished throughout the year.  It's been a great year, however, I did find myself having mental exhaustion that affected me offline and on.  It wasn't until recently that I nursed that exhaustion and so now, with a fresh outlook, I look forward to … [Read more...]

Just Clickin’ with Women Who Love Photography

Clickin Moms  Photography

Whether you're a photography buff or hobbyist at heart, I have the perfect community for you to be a part of;  Clickin Moms.  Not just for moms mind you but for all women who share the same passion for photography. When you arrive to their site, you are in awe of the breathtaking, endearing photos to the right and soothed by the color … [Read more...]

Blue Ribbon Photos, Photography Contest – Sapphire

KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera

It’s time for another round of the  Blue Ribbon Photos contest.  I am loving what people are submitting for their photo entries in each theme! Can't wait to see what everyone does for the theme this month!  I’ve been working hard to gather sponsors up for you guys which is why the contest was absent last month. It’s good to go from here on … [Read more...]

7 Minutes with Carson Kressley and an Evening with Nikon

Carson Kressley

Carson Kressley is not only telling you "How to Look Good Naked",  he's also telling you how to "Look Good in Pictures" and I hope he shares a few tips with me during my 7 minute interview with him at Blogher!  Lord knows I could use the help in that department. Anyways, on Friday evening while at Blogher, I'll have the absolutely wonderful … [Read more...]

Vintage Days, Vintage Looks


My husband and son were meant to live back in the olden days.  Not this gal tho, no sir-ree!  I just assume to live in the day of the iphone and airplanes. Anyways, don't cowboys and their gear just look better vintage style?  It's like it takes you back to those John Wayne days, the days where people worked hard and had values.  When things … [Read more...]

Blue Ribbon Photos, Photography Contest – Faces

It's time for the second Blue Ribbon Photos contest.  The first one was a great success and I can't wait to see what everyone does for the theme this month!  I've been working hard to gather sponsors up for you guys which is why the contest was absent last month. It's good to go from here on out! Every month, I will hold a photo contest here, … [Read more...]

The Blue Ribbon Winner and Runner-ups

Flowers and Tulips

Sorry it took me so long to write this. I've been cooking for the ranch, tending to sick kids and now tending to my sick self. There were lots of great entries and I know the judges had a hard time deciding who should win.  There were quite a few that didn't follow all the rules but we tried to cut everyone slack this first time around.  Next … [Read more...]

Blue Ribbon Photos, Photography Contest – Colors


EDITED: This month's contest is over. Thanks for entering and if you missed out this time, keep your eyes peeled for next month! I've always wanted to hold a photo contest and have decided to make it ongoing (assuming it is successful).  Welcome to Blue Ribbon Photos, my first ever photo contest.  I've got bigger things in mind for this but will … [Read more...]

Turning Photos into Artwork with


COUPON CODE IS: cowboy15 I was excited to be able to try Photofiddle out.  I needed a picture of my son up on the wall and decided to use the bronc ride picture that I previously wrote about and turned into black and white.  Only this time, I chose to send in the original color version and asked for the oil painting version. Photofiddle takes … [Read more...]

Show and Share to Win a $50 Gift Certificate from Tiny Prints


Tiny Prints, a leader in holiday photo cards,  is so excited about the upcoming 2008 holiday card line that they couldn't wait to offering a sneak peek to showcase the  all new card designs.   Enter their contest to help determine what cards will be most popular this coming holiday.  During the preview period, the new holiday cards will not be … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Evening

I don't have a tripod so my sunset is a bit blurry but still worth looking at.  There was no wind yesterday evening and it's was warm.  I could have sat there all night, in fact, had I had some camping gear I might have slept outside all night.  I've been having some back problems the last few days so I haven't got out to take any pics.  I thought … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve Pictures

Here's some more pictures from New Years.  This is my man:) This is our good friend who was kind enough to invite us over to help bring in the New Year:) And here they are having man talk. Finally, here's 2 of my kiddos (the oldest and the youngest) watching. … [Read more...]

Baby Calves Everywhere

The calves are hitting the ground.  We've got quite a few right now..they're so cute when they're little:)  This one was born today...he still has some wet spots. Don't wanna leave momma. "I ain't been kissin' nobody!" And then they grow up.... … [Read more...]

Random Photos 1

I'm feeling random tonight and not sure what to post about at the moment so I guess I'll show you some random photos:)  Remember when I had the "Guess the Mountain Contest"?  Well, I took a picture of the same mountain but with my new camera.  I don't think it's a good picture by any means but it is much clearer.  You can see a bit more detail … [Read more...]

Back for a Bit to Show Off Our Snow

If you don't already know, I have had some major computer problems.  We had to do a full restore, then reinstall windows manually, and now a technician will be coming out becaue NONE of those worked.  I had some great Thanksgiving pictures to show you guys but they were lost during the full restore...sorry 'bout that.  I DO have some snow … [Read more...]