Inspirational Gift Ideas from Red House Ranch {Giveaway}


I'm so stinkin' excited to be able to offer you guys a giveaway to one of my favorite places that has provided me with much inspiration!  Red House Ranch is responsible for one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry; my PUSH necklace.  One simple word that means so much to me; Pray Until Something Happens.  And this is just one piece of jewelry that … [Read more...]

Breakin’ Nintendo


One of the questions I get most often is about my oldest son, and that's "How does he break horses?".  Since he recently started a colt, I thought I'd share with you day 1 of breakin' Nintendo, his Dad's horse.  And if you're wondering why his name is Nintendo....this is why. He's branded with DS.  I thought my husband was clever with the name, … [Read more...]

Fire Update: All Food Ruined but Could Be Worse

Fire Update: Man, it's been a long 6 days.  I'll try to give you a brief rundown of things.  In 6 days, over 80,000 acres burned, hotspots still flaring up, no power still, and about $1000 worth of our food ruined.  Fun times here on the ranch. Well, I know how tired I am so I can only imagine how tired those firefighters are.  I know my husband … [Read more...]

Cowpoke Underpants, The Horse Whisperer


Oh Truett...he reminds me so much of oldest brother that it's like I'm watching Tyler grow up all over again.  Truett loves horses, loves the outdoors and loves to ride.  Sometimes he just pulls his little chair onto the front porch and sits and watches the horses outside.  It's the sweetest thing ever. When the horses come close to the … [Read more...]



We got a new horse and Tyler's havin' fun ridin' him.   He was a little fresh the first day but we think he was a little spoiled is all.  He pitched a little on his first ride but nothing bad at all, definitely nothing Tyler couldn't handle.  For photo purposes, I was hoping for a more bronc-y ride but oh well. Maybe the next colt he rides will … [Read more...]

Some Ranch Guys


Here's a few pictures of some of the fellas here on the ranch.  I'm cooking for the ranch this week so I might be scarce. Don't forget about me! … [Read more...]

Welcome Baby Peptoboonsmal


My BIL &  SIL had a baby today!!  Please say Happy Valentine's and Happy Birthday! … [Read more...]

Little Man Packin’ his Saddle


The last time I used this vintage look, I got people telling me how hot my 15yr old son (14 at the time) was....ew.  Anyways, I thought it would make for a cute photo using the vintage style on my little man who was struggling to keep a hold of that saddle.  He kept saying, " I do it, I do it".  LOVE HIM! … [Read more...]

Git Cattle Git


Instead of roundin' them up, he's shooing them away. Little man thinks it's his job to shoo the cattle away every time they come near the house; I think he does a fine job at it! And the shooing begins.... Git, psst, git! Are you talkin' to me? Oh it's on like Donkey Kong! Called for extra backup;) … [Read more...]

Windmill, Turbines, and Water Troughs


Checking waters are a normal chore on a ranch.  Don't got water, the cows can't drink it right?  Sometimes they don't need fixin' but they need cleaning and with the kind of water troughs you see below, it makes it super easy to clean.  They have a drain that gets almost all the water but then you have to scrape the mossy scum on the … [Read more...]

Paying Tribute and Ridin’ High Butler Style


A few weeks ago, The Third Annual Tom Butler Memorial Bronc Ridin' went on. I happen to go this time just to see my nephew in his bronc ride, however, he got bucked off and I won't be sharing pictures of that. Instead, I will be telling you a little about this event and what part you can play in it. While this originally started as a way to pay … [Read more...]

Meet Montelius but You Can Call Him Monty

Bronc Riding

We got a new horse to ride and he's just a little on the spoiled side but that's no problemo for these cowboys 'round here!  This is Tyler's first ride and since I had heard that Monty likes to buck a little, you know I was gonna be out there with my camera.  I missed quite a few shots because he was too close to me and I had my big lens on....ugh! … [Read more...]

West Texas Sunsets

West Texas Sunset with Turbines

...........again. We sit outside every evening so we get to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.  Here are 3 different sunsets for you to enjoy too:) And for those of you who always ask me this question.....No, I didn't anything.  I only cropped. … [Read more...]

Family Generousity


We have a great family, most of the time.  My oldest son Tyler, has a very strong work ethic.  He's not lazy by any means and it always willing to do a some work regardless of whether he's getting paid or not.  I love that.  A kid that will work hard for nothing.  You don't see that too often these days.  Kids want everything handed to … [Read more...]

Handmade Bits and Spurs Marked R Falcon


Visit his website at Rooster Falcon dot com I've got a new store coming soon and one section will be devoted to my husband's trade of bit and spur making.  It won't be nothin' fancy but it will be a page people can go to if they want to order something.  I'm trying to talk him into expanding and making some jewelry but it's not flying too well.  … [Read more...]