Dr. Seuss – Read Across America PLUS Thing 1 and Thing 2 Recipe!

Dr Seuss Thing 1 Nutter Butter Treats

How does one celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss?  Well by reading of course!  March 2nd, kids will be reading across America to celebrate the special day, and Truett is no exception. He's already started with a new Dr. Seuss book we got in the mail.  He already has several other books but the fact that this one was a little more advanced, was … [Read more...]

Game Day: Pulled Pork with Pita Chips

Pulled Pork with Pita Chips

A game day recipe for the men in your Super Bowl Sunday, pulled pork with pita chips.  Enjoy y'all! … [Read more...]

Bite Size Cherry Pies

Bite Size Cherry Pies

You would think with a house full of fellas, Valentine's Day would be pretty special for me.......wrong.  And that's okay!  I'm perfectly capable of making it a special day myself by whipping up some bite size cherry pies! I might even share! The great thing about these bite size cherry pies, is that they are super simple to make.  … [Read more...]

Oatmeal Recipes You Have to Try!

Oatmeal Recipes

It's still National Oatmeal Month so I thought I'd share a roundup of some delicious oatmeal recipes from across the interwebs!  Enjoy y'all! 1. Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip Cookies from A Night Owl Blog 2. Overnight Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal from Mom Endeavors 3. Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes (Gluten/Sugar free) from One Creative Mommy 4. … [Read more...]

Best Recipes of 2013 from ACowboysWife.com

Best Recipes of 2013

You might wonder how the best recipes of 2013 are are chosen, yes?  Well, I use my stats and popular posts tool to find your favorites from the whole year.  There are many recipes to choose from but I always take the top recipes with the highest traffic, most pinned, and most commented on.  There are always a few 'classics' that make the list every … [Read more...]

Temp-tations – Peach Cobbler Using Cake Mix {Giveaway}

Peach Cobbler Using Cake Mix

Peach cobbler, pumpkin pie, fudgy brownies, all weaknesses of mine y'all.  With Christmas around the corner, there will be potlucks at church, get-togethers at friends, and Christmas dinner with family.  This year, I'll be bringing my dessert all gussied up in Temp-tations, and, I have a discount code & giveaway just for you! My mom is a big … [Read more...]

25 Delicious Christmas Sweets!


Look at all these delicious Christmas sweets!  I bet I'll gain 10lbs during the Christmas holiday y'all.  I wanted to give you guys something to drool over and some inspiration for Christmas cooking!  I'm willing to bet Santa would love to chow down on any of these sweet treats! I actually haven't done a lot of Christmas sweets on my own … [Read more...]

Chocolate Dipped Twinkies with Strawberry ‘Glaze’

Chocolate Dipped Twinkie with Strawberry Glaze

Come on now y'all!  You had to know that with all the Twinkie hooha, that I'd write something about them!  I decided to take the most awesome Hostess Twinkie and make it even more awesome'r with Chocolate Dipped Twinkies, topped with Strawberry 'Glaze'.  OMYCOW! I've been waiting for the Hostess snacks to come to our Walmart and finally they … [Read more...]

Easy Plum Torte Recipe Using Fresh Plums

Plum Torte

I don't think I've ever used plums in a recipe, which is why I decided to step outside my little box and use them and make a Plum Torte!  The sweet with the tartness from the plum skin made it perfectly delicious.  And served over vanilla ice cream?  oh.my.cow. I found this recipe in a magazine somewhere a long time ago and ripped out the … [Read more...]

Cowboy is Grilling Baby Back Ribs!

blue ribbon dry rub recipe

During the Summer, we probably grill at least 3 times  a week and my husband just loves to smoke and  grill ribs.  I thought it would be fun to show you via video, how my husband cooks the baby back ribs and the rub he used that has supposedly won all kinds of ribbons. While we have a freezer full of beef (part of a cowboy's wages), … [Read more...]

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

With the HOT Texas days coming, I thought starting our Summer off with a cold, fruity drink would be a great way to keep us cool.  Strawberries are in season and lemonade is a second best to sweet tea and who wouldn't wanna sip on some strawberry lemonade while watching their kids jump on the trampoline? This recipe is super easy and you can … [Read more...]

Strawberry Cream Crumble


When you read one of the ingredients for this recipe, you will probably be a little bit surprised.   While many of my friends opted to make homemade versions of the popular Poptart, I opted to use store-bought Poptarts for my Strawberry Cream Crumble.  It was by far one of the easiest, most flavorful crumbles I've had.  Most crumble mixtures are … [Read more...]

Healthy Celebrations with a Citrus Salsa Recipe

Citrus Salsa

Since we've been incorporating salmon into our healthy eating, I decided to try something new; Citrus Salsa.  Healthy eating, partly, means adding more fresh produce to your diet.  When people think about oranges, they consider them a snack or for breakfast.  And I bet many folks never even consider mixing up any of the citrus fruits like oranges … [Read more...]

Garlic Chicken with Potatoes & Green Beans

Garlic Chicken with Potatoes and Green Beans

We have pledged to eat healthier in 2013 so any corners we can cut to do that, we will, but slowly.  I feel like we often set ourselves up for failure when we completely try to overhaul our lives with new foods, entire exercise routines, and cutting out every single thing we love.   We are learning to take it a little slower by substituting various … [Read more...]

(Cook) – Chicken Florentine and Farfalle (Tell) – Anolon Advanced Bronze 5.25qt Sauteuse

Chicken Florentine and Farfalle

I am just tickled to death to be one of the featured bloggers in Anolon's Cook & Tell campaign.  Anolon has beautiful pieces of cookware with styles to suit everyone.  Seriously, they are gorgeous pieces.  Today, I'm sharing my review of the Anolon Advanced Bronze 5.25qt (11") Sauteuse from the Advanced Bronze collection, and cooking up some … [Read more...]

Homemade Macaroni and Cheese

Homemade Macaroni and Cheese

Homemade macaroni and cheese is one of my favorite things, aside from mash taters.  There's nothing wrong with the box version at all and in fact, it's much cheaper but when I'm in the mood for comfort food, I make mine homemade. What I love about homemade mac and cheese, is being able to throw in whatever cheese you want.  I didn't go all … [Read more...]

Santa Fe Chicken Casserole

Santa Fe Chicken Casserole

I love this time of the year.  The leaves are falling, the weather is cooler, and comfort foods fill our tummies.  It's also a busy time of the year with family, shopping, and school activities like basketball.   Today I'm sharing Santa Fe Chicken Casserole, both a convenience & comfort dish. When cooking boneless chicken breasts, I have … [Read more...]

Banana Pudding Photo Retake

Grandma's Banana Pudding

I made my grandma's banana pudding for our monthly WOW meetup (women of worship) and thought it was time to update the main photo on the original recipe.  I just wanted to share the new photo I took and also let you know that I reformatted the recipe so that you can easily print it!  This is always a huge favorite during Thanksgiving and … [Read more...]

Pickled Eggs Recipe


Pickled Eggs are not on my list of favorite foods but they are for my husband and son.  I love pickles and I love eggs but why anyone would want to eat a picked egg is beyond me.  With that said, I'll share the recipe that me and my man used, in which, him and Tyler devoured each and every single egg as soon as 8 days hit!  Enjoy! P.S. I'd … [Read more...]

Lime Sherbert Cooler


Since St. Patrick's Day is coming around quickly, we've been making all sorts recipes; everything from pot of gold treats to shamrock pie.  Since the weather is warming up here in Texas, we wanted to cool things down a bit and decided to make this super easy Lime Sherbert Cooler.  It's the easiest thing to make and kids love it! Truett helped with … [Read more...]

Whipped Pineapple Upside Down Pie – A Summer Treat with 3 Ingredients


Quick and easy meal solutions are what everyone is craving these days and finding desserts, like this Whipped Yogurt Pie, that are fast fixes are no exceptions.  I brought you a Summer salad using Avocado and Tomato last week, and this week I bring you dessert, both using only 3 ingredients. What I love about this pie is that you can use ANY … [Read more...]

May Food Challenge


I know you've all anxiously awaited the results to March's Food Challenge and I apologize for the delay.  I hope you all can understand that I just had too much going on offline that I was barely online. In fact, I think I only wrote 1 or 2 posts in April. All future food challenges should be consistent now that I have merged and have more time to … [Read more...]

Meal Solutions: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Another round of Meal Solutions! This week's ingredient list was very budget friendly and tasted delicious!  I have to admit, I have rarely used Fettuccine so I was excited to for this week.  If you are needing a fast meal, holy cow is this fast y'all!!!  All it takes is boiling the pasta and the meal is pretty much done.  I used everything below … [Read more...]

Meal Solutions: Mac and Cheesey Chicken


This week's Walmart Meal Solution is actually something that we used to make all the time back in our broke days.   It's a pretty basic meal but I'll share with you ways to spice it up. The ingredients are: Kraft Mac & Cheese, 7.25 oz Great Value Chicken Breast, 12.5 oz 5th Season Chili Powder Great Value Chunky Medium Salsa Betty … [Read more...]

Coming Soon……

Cinnamon French Toast Casserole

Things have been super crazy around here but I wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the recipes coming.  I'm sorta taking it easy for the next two weeks to get things like my house and taxes done but when March hits, expect regular content around here. I also wanted to extend an invite to bloggers and all you folks who don't blog, to guest post … [Read more...]

KitchenAid Recipe Collection Cookbook {love}

KitchenAid Cookbook

I'm actually not a big fan of cookbooks so when I got a new one in the mail the other day, I was hesitant that I'd like it, as I am with other cookbooks.  But then,  I opened it up and saw that it was a recipe collection from KitchenAid and was immediately interested. It's hard to find a cookbook that is special.  One that has 'features' and … [Read more...]


Food Challenge

Okay, so apparently beer is not a popular ingredient these days! I listened to all your feedback and have changed a few things up. I really appreciate every comment, suggestion, and even criticism because it helps me make things like this challenge more fun, easier, and just plain better.  So with that, here are two changes I'm making. 1) There … [Read more...]