Rodeo, Cheesecake, and Our Flag


Every year, we are given tickets to attend the San Angelo PRCA Rodeo.  It's always a great rodeo but this year, it was much more for me.  They added a couple of things that gave me goosebumps and a new appreciation of the Flag.  It started with this man here, the rodeo announcer, who is there every year and has a lovely voice to say the … [Read more...]

San Angelo’s PRCA Rodeo

I had the chance to attend a PRCA rodeo not too long ago and I have to say, it was a lot of fun. You're probably thinkin' that I've attended a bunch but nope, I haven't. Only ranch rodeos which is quite different. The main reason I was excited to attend this was because little man LOVES bull & bronc ridin'. I knew he was gonna have a blast … [Read more...]

Little Man Loves Hugs

I'm off to L.A. tomorrow but wanted to share these with ya.  We went to a PRCA rodeo on Saturday and this little girl was trying to give Truett a hug.  Can't you tell he just loves hugs:)  I'll try to update while I'm in L.A. but if I don't, don't forget about me! Staring at the crowd above. Being cute. LOVES hugs wouldn't you say? … [Read more...]

Paying Tribute and Ridin’ High Butler Style

A few weeks ago, The Third Annual Tom Butler Memorial Bronc Ridin' went on. I happen to go this time just to see my nephew in his bronc ride, however, he got bucked off and I won't be sharing pictures of that. Instead, I will be telling you a little about this event and what part you can play in it. While this originally started as a way to pay … [Read more...]

Random Cowboy Photos

Not much happening.  Gotta go and get groceries today so I won't be on much.  Lovin' it though.  Here's a few pictures I took and edited. First one is of a spur my man made and had in his back pocket.   This one is of my man helping the bronc rider get ready this weekend at the rodeo. This last one is of one of the bronc riders … [Read more...]

Bucked Off Bronc Rider

YEEEEEHAAAAAW!!  Talk about a bronc ride now!  Too bad this fella didn't make it...LOL.  Excuse the pictures...I was waaaay up top, zoomed all the way in so my camera just couldn't get the pictures fast enough. I can't remember who this particular feller is. You know, my  man used to do this some years back.  I would get sooo nervous that he … [Read more...]

Budweiser Horses, Whiplash, Random Cowboy


Intermission entertainment for all!  You've seen the Budweiser commercials, maybe you've even drank some Budweiser, but have you seen the Budweiser horses live in action?  If not, all you gotta do is attend the Western Heritage Classic because they are always there and always perform.  Keep in mind that I was close to the top of the convention … [Read more...]

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

It's that time again.  You cowpokes know, this is the time where we all stay up til 11:00 to watch the WFR.  Luckily we have dvr and can record it so we won't miss one round of the 10 total rounds. I really like to watch the events but I wish just one time that I could go and see it live.  A good friend of mine is lucky enough to get to go this … [Read more...]