Vintage Days, Vintage Looks

My husband and son were meant to live back in the olden days.  Not this gal tho, no sir-ree!  I just assume to live in the day of the iphone and airplanes. Anyways, don't cowboys and their gear just look better vintage style?  It's like it takes you back to those John Wayne days, the days where people worked hard and had values.  When things ... Continue Reading


Little Man Packin’ his Saddle

The last time I used this vintage look, I got people telling me how hot my 15yr old son (14 at the time) was....ew.  Anyways, I thought it would make for a cute photo using the vintage style on my little man who was struggling to keep a hold of that saddle.  He kept saying, " I do it, I do it".  LOVE HIM! ... Continue Reading

Saddles 101

A cowboy can't do his job without a saddle.  It's a cowboy's most beloved possession and cowboys have no problem spending thousands on one of these babies!  The saddle shown here is one of my husbands (yes, he has more than 1 and no, I didn't mean I had more than 1 husband..lol).  This a Robert Mitchell saddle and it's highly collectible.  It's ... Continue Reading