Have you ever seen something that just changes the way you feel? Something that hits you emotionally and makes you rethink yourself? Well, I did and the funny thing is, it was a whale show that did that for me. It made me believe in myself like never before. Sometimes I tend to let my past failures bring me down in the present. Take my … [Read more...]

Shamu and Friends!


Wordless Wednesday.........Shamu and a photo from the show "Believe" that brought me to tears.  SeaWorld ROCKS! (taken with my iphone) … [Read more...]

SeaWorld’s Manta Roller Coaster in Orlando, Florida

manta rollercoaster at SeaWorld

I haven't been on a roller coaster in years but thanks to IZEA and SeaWorld (owned by Anheuser Busch) for sponsoring the visit, I was able to ride the newly launched Manta Roller Coaster, as well as, experience other parts of SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.  I have a couple of posts I want to write but today's post is focused on the Manta. I got … [Read more...]

I Need a Tan Cause I am going to Florida


Oh my gosh, have you have seen SeaWorld's Manta roller coaster?? SKEERED! I have been a lover of roller coasters my whole life, however, it's been a while since I've ridden one and I have to admit, I'm a little nervous in my old age! lol You are basically laying down like you are flying so it's gonna be fun but scary! There's a video you can … [Read more...]