Grilling with Blue Rhino®

When most folks think about grilling, they tend to focus on what to grill, but there are other things to think about, like your gas grill's propane tank.   Being a ranch family, full of testosterone, means a whole lot of beef will be eaten, and as much of it grilled as possible. We often alternate wood and propane, depending on the time and how ... Continue Reading

Texas Rangers clothing

Texas Rangers Gear for Us Fanatics!

Having raised three boys, I have an appreciate for sports.  Even before then, though, I always enjoyed football, soccer, tennis, and baseball.  My brother once played as the pitcher in his younger years and when I was around 15 or so, I attended my first Texas Rangers game.  That was back when Nolan Ryan was a super big deal and I can still ... Continue Reading

Staples Gift Guide

Staples Gift Guide – 10 Hot Items!

When you think of Staples, you might only think about office supplies, but I'm here to share with you just how much more they have to offer for your gift shopping this Christmas! I've rounded up some of the hottest gift items you can buy at Staples!  Of course, I'm an office supplies hoarder and LOVE to get paper, pens, folders, organizers, ... Continue Reading


Use Walmart’s Layway to Buy Christmas Gifts (My Cool Video too)

Walmart layaway has been a big saver for me and my family in years past.  It's allowed us to make payments on things that we could never pay upfront for, like a gamecube or bicycle.  If you haven't take advantage of the layaway yet, there's still time! Not sure how easy it is? Well check out my video, it's as easy as 1,2,3.  Tell me that video is ... Continue Reading


Get Early Access to Walmart Layaway!

Walmart Layaway is back and better than ever!  And the early bird always gets the worm, or in the case, gets access to layaway before anyone else! It's really easy to do y'all.  Just head over to Walmart's facebook page and claim the early access to layaway offer.  By doing so, you'll get access to Walmart's layaway before anyone else, on ... Continue Reading

Carlton Living Room Set Made in USA2

Meet My *Made in the USA* Texas Sized Furniture

There are two parts to this story; the furniture and the company.  Where should I start.........I think I'll start with the company because I want you to know who they are and what they're about.  Gallery Furniture in Houston, Texas. First, I won a Pinterest contest that Gallery Furniture held on their facebook page.  My prize was $3000 in ... Continue Reading


Gifts Under $10

I've noticed that people today feel like they have to spend a lot or make their gift look big in hopes of pleasing the give-e.  Since we buy a large portion of gifts from Walmart, we pay close attention to items other than electronics and toys, like apparel.  Here are a few gift ideas for $10 or less that I found while shopping at my ... Continue Reading

walmart layaway

Layaway Reminder – Pick Up Your Layway Y’all!

I wanted to remind you that layaways at Walmart must be paid for and picked up by December 14th!!  You'll also get your $5 refundable fee back via Walmart gift card once you've paid out.  I know a few folks who took advantage of layaway and would hate for anyone to forget about theirs. I know a gal who has done that before...but I won't say her ... Continue Reading


Black Friday Sales at Walmart for 2012

There are 3 different events this year at Walmart for Black Friday;  in-store specials at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, followed by its big electronics event at 10 p.m. and a weekend full of savings starting at 5 a.m. on Friday, November 23.   I'll outline each event, along with my favorite picks that I hope to purchase this holiday season.  Maybe my ... Continue Reading