Oprah, Tom Cruise, Suri's Ladybug Shoes, and Katja Presnal from Skimbaco (and giveaway)

If you've been with me a while, then you'll remember when I gave some adorable Ladybug shoes away that Tom Cruise's own daughter wears.  Well, you know what?  Suri's Ladybug shoes came from good friend of mine, Katja Presnal, a social media--PR sooopAstah!  Katja's store, Skimbaco is currently running some MAJOR discounts on some of the cutest … [Read more...]

Ladybug Shoes on Oprah OVER

I absolutely love to see a hard working woman become successful with her own business, especially a woman with 3 children.  Katja is just this woman I'm talking about.  She happens to own Skimbaco, which is a very cool children's boutique.   It's so cool in fact, that even Tom Cruise's little Suri is wearing these super duper cute little ladybug … [Read more...]