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Pitchfork Country Book Cover

EDITED TO ADD: There's a giveaway going on for one at that ends on Nov. 12th. Check it out! EDITED: From the folks at Lightscoop!! If anyone reading this would like to try out lightscoop, we are happy to offer a discount. For 10% off when you purchase Lightscoop - use code TNEWFOLPROMO when you checkout here … [Read more...]

My NEW Camera!

I can't chat long, my son is getting his back teeth in and has been crying for about 4 hrs:( I got my new camera today..woohoo!!  After much debate (with myself), I finally decided on the Nikon d70s SLR Camera.  As you can see, I have just about everything I need and am ready to starting taking pictures.  I read the entire manual while holding … [Read more...]