Mom, You Want Me to Paint on My Shirt?


It really should be me saying that because my family knows how often I spill things on my shirts but this time it's Truett that purposely got to smear his shirt with ketchup for another test of Wisk's Stain Spectrum detergent. You can probably imagine how fun this was for him but also how hesitant he was since he's taught to not spill things on … [Read more...]

The Little MAD Scientist Cleans!


Oh my gosh, Truett is just adorable in this lab coat and goggles!! He had so much fun wearing it and helping me with our little Wisk with Stain Spectrum experiment.  It made me realize how much we should do more fun things like this. I mean, we do stuff but this was different and I could see his brain concentrating since it was out of his element … [Read more...]