Fields of Faith in Sweetwater, Texas

Fields of Faith in Sweetwater Texas

Fields of Faith presents the opportunity for our youth to come together and spark a spiritual spark for God.  It's held at football fields across America and is absolutely amazing to see in person.   It's normally held in Abilene, Texas, and actually still was but Sweetwater decided to hold its very own first Fields of Faith at our hometown Mustang … [Read more...]

Sweetwater’s Own, WASP Honored 65 Years Later


Thanks to my brother and this CNN article, I was informed this morning that some well deserved women were being honored, finally, for their brave acts during World War II.   Many of those women trained and graduated at Avenger Village in Sweetwater, hometown. Can you imagine civilian women learning to fly (with no military benefits … [Read more...]

In Local News: Highland Hornets are Going to State!

Post-game football prayer

UPDATE: Let's show sixman football some love okay? Borden County vs Highland 2pm. Garden City vs Strawn 7pm. Shotwell Stadium on Saturday. Home teams listed last. This is CONFIRMED:) Last night in the Friday Night Football Semi-Finals game at Early Texas, the Highland Hornets pulled of an outstanding win against the Walnut Springs … [Read more...]

In Local News: Football, Trade Days, and Arts-n-Crafts

Highland Hornet Pride

I rarely talk about any local news and I have no clue why, but as of today that has changed.  Look for the "In Local News" segment every weekend from now on.  Local includes Sweetwater and surrounding areas so if you have something you want featured here, please send an email to [email protected] no later than Friday 11pm to be included in the … [Read more...]

Awww, The Beautiful Country Windfarms?


Around this part of the country, the windfarms have become a HUGE thing.  The employees and land owners are paid extremely well but it sure ain't a purty site.  Despite the energy provided by these massive "windmills", it really is a shame that such pretty county has been vandalized by these tall creatures.  Oh, I know it's a good thing and all, … [Read more...]