Truett’s CARS Birthday Party – A Real Hallmark Moment

Hallmark CARS birthday party

Truett had his 7th birthday this month and celebrated it twice; once at school and once with family at home.  We did the family party early because my mom was down.  It made for a real hallmark moment to be honest with you.  With everything that has happened, it was heartwarming to see her here with us and watching Truett enjoy his … [Read more...]

Truett Loves Golf!


I share a LOT on facebook with friends, family, and followers but many times, I don't write about it here.  I plan to start writing more about our everyday living because I want you to remember that while I'm a blogger who makes a living out of this stuff, I also am a real person like you.  With that said, let's talk golf! My brother was pretty … [Read more...]

Chore Time


All my boys have chores every day, mostly at the barn, and Truett is no exception.  As soon as we tell him it's time, he usually walks to the barn.   Sometimes we walk, sometimes we drive but he always walks.  I think if he ever figures out how to ride that bike of his on those rocks, he'll love going back and forth to the barn that … [Read more...]

Cowpoke’s New-Old Horse, Smokey, Rainy Days, and Wet Boots

We haven't seen rain in FOREVER around here so the nice shower we had the other day was absolute heaven.  We let Truett play in the rain puddles all evening, fully clothed and all, including his Mickey Mouse ears he got from Disney World.  Those are the little moments I enjoy most. Remember Sparkplug?  Well, we still have him and Truett … [Read more...]

Finding My Mojo, Finally

I'm sure you've noticed the lack of updates here.  Aside from merging A Cowboy's Wife into My Wooden Spoon, I've just been trying to catch-up, gather my thoughts, and create a plan.  I think I've finally found my mojo and it's refreshing.  Merging and letting one blog go has taken a huge weight off of me and I feel somewhat free. SO WHAT'S GOING ON … [Read more...]

Sparkplug and Truett


It's been a while since I showed you photos of Truett with Sparkplug. Remember the last time?  He's grown soooo much!!  Now he uses a bridle to stop, turn, and even spin Sparkplug. It really is the cutest thing and I just love to watch his facial expressions when he's riding. He's so proud and he loves to see you watching him. Anyways, I'm gonna … [Read more...]

As One Goes In, One Will Go Out

senior rings

It's hard to believe that I'll be 35 this month.  Even harder to believe that I have a son who will graduate next year, with another son who will be in Pre-K that same school year.  Where has all the time gone.......Tyler got his senior ring the other day and it's one of those small things that makes you realize just how old your son is.    I love … [Read more...]

A Whole Bunch of Handsome


What a beautiful day it was here in Texas!  We were in the 60's and took advantage by cooking outside.  All the boys were around so it was the perfect time to be with family.  Truett posed for photos, Tyler played with Truett, my man was cooking up a storm and making silly faces, and Toby sat around being being a typical 14 year old … [Read more...]

Bareback Ridin’ and Gun Practice


Truett has grown so much and is exactly like Tyler, 100% cowboy.  Today, he took advantage of the pretty weather by practicing shooting his BB gun.  He can shoot too, never once missing the beer can. Obviously he enjoyed the weather today....clearly thinking it was a warm day. He also felt like  tryin' a little bareback riding.  He … [Read more...]

A Cowpoke and His Horse


A while back at a rodeo, a super nice fella that we've known for awhile now, gave Truett a miniature horse. Horses in general aren't cheap and for even these little boogers they can still be thousands of dollars. For Mr. Butler to give little man Sparkplug, well, it meant a lot to us and to Truett. From the day Truett's Uncle Andy sent us a … [Read more...]