Seeds of Change: Truett has Watermelon Sprouts!

Watermelon seed sprouts

Truett planted watermelon seeds 9 days ago and as of 3 days ago, he had sprouts so I decided to take photos today.  There's more to the story though......We had this dog, Buzz, who was chewing up everything he could find.  The last straw was when he reached up on my patio table and got ahold of Truett's newly planted seeds.  I was livid and told my … [Read more...]

Culinary and Creative Arts with Fruits and Vegetables

paper box

There are some amazing artists out there and culinary artists are no exception!  I'm amazed at what they can create and wanted to share some with you that you may or may not have seen.  Check out the slide show and some of the other amazing pieces of culinary art I found too!  And if you think you want more as a collector or someone … [Read more...]

Spread Your Love of Veggies

I'm sure many of you struggle with getting your kids to eat fresh, healthy vegetables.  In fact, I'm willing to be a lot of you give in to your child's unwillingness to eat their vegetables which is a big no-no.  If you lead by example, it's much easier to teach your children healthy eating habits.  If they see you eating at an early age, it will … [Read more...]