Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Video Review

maybelline dream fresh bb cream

Walmart sent me Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream to review.  If you're new to BB Cream, it stands for Beauty Balm.  The dream fresh bb cream is a 8-in-1 skin perfecter and great for every day use. To recap... I'd compare the Maybelline BB Cream to a tinted moisturizer.  It was very light, not greasy, not shiny, … [Read more...]

{Video Tutorial} How to Make Flour Tortillas

I have a recipe for handmade flour tortillas but I'm asked on many occasions if I could make a video to show how I do it.  Sometimes seeing the procedure in action will help someone "get it" more than photos can.  Enjoy! Do you make tortillas from scratch? And if so, how often? … [Read more...]

How to Create a Coupon Binder

Recently, I created a very basic simple coupon binder but found that if I really want to get serious into this coupon business, then I need a better one that will keep me totally organized!  So, I decided to create a new and improved coupon binder and thought it would be fun to show you via video instead of photos!  And because I have deaf readers, … [Read more...]

Culinary and Creative Arts with Fruits and Vegetables

paper box

There are some amazing artists out there and culinary artists are no exception!  I'm amazed at what they can create and wanted to share some with you that you may or may not have seen.  Check out the slide show and some of the other amazing pieces of culinary art I found too!  And if you think you want more as a collector or someone … [Read more...]

SmartShopper Makes Grocery Shopping a Breeze

I love gadgets, I really love gadgets that reduce my time in the grocery store so when I had the chance to review the SmartShopper (something I've wanted for a long time now), I jumped on it! First thing I noticed was the simplicity of this clever machine.  Nice clear buttons make easy for reading and understanding it. It takes 4 double A … [Read more...]

Curiosity Could Have Killed the Cat

This video was sent to me this morning and I found it both amusing and disturbing at the same time.  Yes, what the husband did was super funny and was well deserved.  She should not have been playing with that gun like that ESPECIALLY considering she obviously didn't know anything about them.  You can tell that right away. I hope you don't have … [Read more...]

I SO Want to Be a Rap Star! And SHUTUP

With the whole Google Spanking situation, PayPerPost is trying to their darnest to create a new ranking system called IZEARanks where you can get your RealRank based on traffic statistics.  Now, I don't know how it's a gonna fall out once Social Spark is released buy I always try to stay positive.  In fact, I hate negativity.  This is the reason I … [Read more...]

My Shopping Experience

Sometimes shopping online can be a pain because you're constantly going around trying to compare prices and read reviews on products you're interested in and what you really want is to find that one stop shopping place where you can do all that and more.  Well ladies and gentlemen, look no further! offers you a shopping experience like no … [Read more...]