maybelline dream fresh bb cream

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Video Review

Walmart sent me Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream to review.  If you're new to BB Cream, it stands for Beauty Balm.  The dream fresh bb cream is a 8-in-1 skin perfecter and great for every day use. To recap... I'd compare the Maybelline BB Cream to a tinted moisturizer.  It was very light, not greasy, not shiny, ... Continue Reading


{Video Tutorial} How to Make Flour Tortillas

I have a recipe for handmade flour tortillas but I'm asked on many occasions if I could make a video to show how I do it.  Sometimes seeing the procedure in action will help someone "get it" more than photos can.  Enjoy! Do you make tortillas from scratch? And if so, how often? ... Continue Reading


Rocky Road Brownies *drool*

In my previous video, I made you Healthy Pumpkin Bread. Today, I bring you quite the opposite with Rocky Road Brownies.  When it comes to food gift giving during the holidays, so many people give breads and cookies but something we like to give, are brownies served in a dish. I like to find pretty bowls or plates, place brownies in them, and ... Continue Reading


Healthy Pumpkin Bread Mini Loaves for Gift Giving

November marks the part of the season where we give thanks, give gifts, and help those in need.  Giving a homemade food gift is one of the most popular ideas because it's so friendly to your wallet and it comes from the heart. Today, I'm bringing you a healthy alternative to traditional pumpkin bread (found at Dashing Dish) and  sharing my food ... Continue Reading


Cowboy Quesadillas

YEEHAW!  Cowboy Quesadillas are the ultimate football food, especially for this cowboy family!  As a Velveeta Kitchenista, it's time again for me to bring you another round of delicious Velveeta recipes! It's funny because of all the football food I've shared here on My Wooden Spoon, I don't think I've ever made any quesadillas, which are perfect ... Continue Reading

Cheesy Chicken Cups

Cheesy Chicken Cups

The kids are back to school and while you may or may not have to worry about lunch for them, you do have to figure out what to make for supper. My boys are older and don't exactly love school like the little ones do and during football season they don't even get home until 6:30 because of practice. This means two things; they'll be hungry and ... Continue Reading

Velveeta Cheesy Chicken Rotini

Spring Brunch with Family and Velveeta Cheesy Chicken Rotini

I don't know about you but Spring and warm weather cannot get here fast enough.  It means cooking out, brunches, and kids playing outside!  I had a glorious Spring brun ch house party planned a couple of weeks ago and due to an unexpected snow storm, it did not happen but I did still make a video of me making a Velveeta recipe and will be ... Continue Reading

VELVEETA Beer and Chorizo Dip!

Get Your Munch On During the Game with VELVEETA Beer and Chorizo Dip!

Down, set, HUT HUT VELVEETA!  Yep, it's that time again, time for the championship football game that all of us football fans anticipate the whole year!  And what comes along with football?? That's right!!! DIP!  You can't watch such an exciting football game without dip and chips, come on now.   Not only do we root teams on like the Dallas Cowboys ... Continue Reading

Lori Falcon’s Roasted Red Peppers and Roast Beef Wrap

Well, I Ain't No Rachael Ray! In early June, I had the chance to attend an Oscar Mayer event and learn about their Deli Fresh Meats.  Not only did we get to visit the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, we had to do was create a sandwich using their Deli Fresh Meats.  I'm probably one of the most uncreative people alive but after 6 sandwich taste-testing ... Continue Reading


How to Create a Coupon Binder

Recently, I created a very basic simple coupon binder but found that if I really want to get serious into this coupon business, then I need a better one that will keep me totally organized!  So, I decided to create a new and improved coupon binder and thought it would be fun to show you via video instead of photos!  And because I have deaf readers, ... Continue Reading