towel bar

Projects Made Simple: How to Install a Towel Bar

Installing a towel bar can be done if 4 simple steps, even less if you have a stud instead of drywall.  We've needed a towel bar in Tyler's bathroom for a long time now and thanks to the Projects Made Simple video tutorials, I can do it all by myself! Supplies needed are: Towel bar of your ... Continue Reading

Chalk Board Cutting Board

How to Turn a Cutting Board Into a Chalk Board

With Mother's Day around the corner, I'm sure there's bound to some need for gift ideas.  I've got a great one for your Mom and/or that foodie lover in your life; a cutting board turned into a chalk board! You can do this with just about any surface but I thought a cutting board would be fun to make for the Mom who loves to be in the ... Continue Reading

cleaning caddy

Spring Cleaning Preparation

Don't we all just love this time of year? Pollen, end of school year, Spring cleaning? I want to share with you how I prepare for Spring cleaning. It's one of the few things I do that actually is organized! In the video are products that I use to clean, how I carry them from room to room, and ideas for those cute utility cans that you can find ... Continue Reading

Getting Settled Just getting settled in and saying hey. Got back from football tonight. The hornets are 6 and 0 baby but so is their rival the other hornets, which also happens to be the team we are moving to and playing for now! HA! I keep filling up my compact flash memory card with pictures of the boys and their ... Continue Reading