4 Hour Paintover Using Glidden’s Candy Apple Red

Me and my good friend are opening a local business together and one of the rooms was in desperate need of a paintover, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try out Glidden paint! Now I should say that I hate painting but through this process, found that having the right equipment and paint, it was much easier than I anticipated.  I started … [Read more...]

Healthy Deliteful Seafood Meals


I'm always looking for healthier meal options and was recently introduced to Deliteful Meals.  They are microwaveable, seafood meals that keep your calories in check. Each package contains 2 meals inside, each being "individually wrapped".    I was able to enjoy the Salmon while my husband chowed down on the Shrimp.   They retail for about $5.48.  … [Read more...]

How is Walmart’s Lighting?


They want to know!  As a Walmart Mom, I was asked to fill out the survey and pass it along to you, to hopefully fill out.   It takes, literally, 5 minutes and would be very helpful to them! It's about their lighting system and whether or not you notice certain changes.  Like, did you know that some of them have natural skylights?  Do you like … [Read more...]