8 Ways to Save Money with Bonus Tip

walmart layaway

We could all stand to save a few bucks, right?  I know I can.  With school season in bloom and Christmas around the bend, I thought I'd share a few ways to save some money. GAS–Getting the best price on a gallon of gas isn't the only way to save big at the pump.  Make sure your ride has inflated tires, clean oil, good spark plugs, and a clean … [Read more...]

Back to School Shopping – Walmart Apparel Haul for Truett

kids clothes from walmart

Don't we all just love shopping for school clothes? *rolling eyes*  It's not so bad with boys but girls? eeeesh, I can only imagine!  Luckily I have boys who are laid back and easy to please, which makes shopping a breeze.  Truett, my handsome lil' cowpoke, has grown a great deal. He needs everything this year; underwear, socks, pants, and shirts.  … [Read more...]

School Supplies List Made Easy

school supplies

It's only a month until the new school year begins, which means school clothes and school supplies.  This year, Walmart has created a useful tool where teachers and parents can team up to make school supplies shopping easier.  Classrooms by Walmart is sorta like a gift registry. The teachers create the lists and parents buy what's needed.  You have … [Read more...]

Walmart Shareholder’s Meeting 2012 Recap


Just like the last two years, Walmart invited me to the Walmart Shareholders Meeting.  The misconception is that it's tons of fun because of the entertainment parts of the actual meeting but in truth, there's a lot more to it. Upon our first day of arrival, we tour layout centers to see the new and hot items for Fall and 2013.  We provide … [Read more...]

Luster 1 Hour Tooth Whitening System

luster 1 hour tooth whitening system

I remember when I had white, straight teeth.  I was young.  I'm old now though and years of soda have taken its toll, not to mention crowded teeth causing some crookedness.   I was excited to try Luster's 1 hour tooth whitening system to see if my tooth color would improve. Everything you need is provided - Accelerator Mouth Rinse Super … [Read more...]

Celebrate Being a Mom Every Day

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I actually got this kit for Mother's Day and I think it's GREAT that we celebrate that day. We all know that we Moms are totally deserving.  I got to thinking though, why does it have to be around Mother's Day only?  Why not just every day?  Have you ever noticed when you change up your makeup, try new colors, or give your hair a new do that it … [Read more...]

Simple Skincare


I love trying new lines of skincare. I am not blessed with great skin unfortunately so I do try to find new favorites to add to my collection. The Simple Skincare line is excellent for sensitive skin. You will find NO dyes, NO artificial perfumes, NO harsh irritants but will find lots of vitamins and things your skin will … [Read more...]

Review of Kinect Rush, a Disney Pixar Game for Xbox 360


The Kinect has been a wonderful piece of equipment in addition to our Xbox 360.  It makes for great exercise and lots of laughs!  Toy Story and Cars are just two of Truett's favorite Disney movies/characters so when we got the game, Kinect Rush, Truett's eyes lit up immediately! The game includes characters from The Incredibles, Up, Ratatouille, … [Read more...]

Sometimes You Only Need the Apple


I've heard of parents sneaking in fruits & veges to get their kids to eat them but around here, there's no need to be sneaky.  When I received a big box of Piñata apples, Truett's eyes lit up.  He asked what I was gonna do with them and I said, "I don't know, I think I'm gonna make them into a pie or muffins or something sweet".  You know what … [Read more...]

Get On the Shelf! No, Not You…Your Product!

get on the shelf

Do you have an awesome product that belongs on Walmart's shelves?  Well if so, you have got to check out  'Get On the Shelf'!  Walmart recently launched an exciting opportunity, giving you the chance to have your product sold in Walmart's stores! Have you been in the kids department lately?  Have you seen the adorable cape and mask set?  … [Read more...]

Get the Walmart Black Friday Ad Early!


If you're anxiously awaiting for the Black Friday ad from Walmart like I am, then you must do one of two things; Sign up for the Walmart Email by November 7th or "Like" Walmart's Facebook page and you'll be among the first to preview the Black Friday ad! What are you hoping will be on sale at Walmart during Black Friday?  Electronics is … [Read more...]

Tara’s Game Day Challenge

Finding ways to cut costs is essential in today's economy.  Walmart has launched a new app on their facebook page called Nice Save.  You'll be faced with a new challenge every few weeks and everyone will submit their solutions. It's all in Walmart's effort to offer low prices and low cost solutions.  It's a great way to share ideas and you'll … [Read more...]

Dog Feedback Needed

Walmart wants your feedback when it comes to dogs and their food.  We have always bought Ol'Roy ourselves in the biggest bag possible, usually 50lbs.  In fact, when we got Rambo, we bought some 'high-end' food that was small bites for his little teeth and you know what? He would not eat it. Instead he went outside to eat Ol'Roy. Anyways, here is … [Read more...]

Getting the Lowest Price at One Store

We all want the lowest price no matter what it is we are buying and many of us hate going from store to store.  With Walmart's ad match policy, you don't have to do that. How it works: If you find a lower price advertised at another store, simply notify an associate, who will match the advertised price at the register (the item must be … [Read more...]

Nascar Family 4-Pack for $99

I know there's a lot of Nascar fans so you're gonna love this deal!  For only $99 bucks, you can get 4 tickets, 4 sodas, 4 hot dogs, and 1 racing program.  That's an awesome family pack and it's exclusive to Walmart. You can see if the offer is available at a track/race near you. There will also be special events for fans where cars/racers will … [Read more...]

DIY 4th of July Table Centerpiece for $8

We love Independence Day for many reasons but in light of recent events, I have to say, I'm glad there won't be any fireworks this year. It's so risky with how dry things are around here. I asked around for ideas to create a DIY 4th of July craft and had lots of replies but decided to go with 2 very easy & budget friendly ideas; Candy Filled … [Read more...]

Cars 2, Mater’s Mission, and Fun Prizes!

I'm so bummed that the fire has kept me from taking Truett to see the opening for Cars 2 in our town.  I plan to take him soon but in the mean time, we can have fun with Mater's Secret Mission, by sending codes messages and winning prizes. Walmart has launched Mater's Secret Mission on their Facebook page and movie vouchers, exclusive … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Practice Cookout for Under $30 Bucks

We decided to cookout for Father's Day but needed to "practice" before the real day.  Walmart challenged me to buy food to cook for $30 bucks or less, which was quite a challenge for us since our practice cookout would include about 9 people. Our menu included the following: slab of Spare ribs $13 chunk of chicken thighs $5 Fresh corn on the … [Read more...]

Will Smith Touched My Arm

I recently had the chance to attend the annual Walmart Shareholders Meeting 2011.  It's definitely not what most of you might think. It's actually fun, informative, and my favorite is getting to hear the stories of the associates.   Last year was absolutely inspiring and this year was super cool. First, I want to tell you that Walmart does not … [Read more...]

Adding a Little BBQ Decor for Summer!

I know, most of you are sprucing up your backyards with flowers but around here in Texas, we spruce up with a new grill!  We've been cooking on charcoal for a while now on one of those little bitty grills and finally decided it was time to upgrade to something bigger. Do you guys remember my patio makeover?  We got a new patio set, outside rug and … [Read more...]

A Peek at Dyson – Testing

I love seeing "behind the scenes" of products I love because in the end, it gives me more of an appreciation of what goes into the product. I've had the chance to attend several plants and factories and see how things are made and built and I just LOVE it. Seeing the hard work behind it and the people that believe in it just makes it more … [Read more...]

Pick Up Today – Making Our Summer Treat!

I have never had an ice cream maker.  Well, I take that back actually 'cause in our early years of marriage, we did have the one where you used rock salt and such but I don't think it was mine. I think it was borrowed.  So finally after 15+ years, I decided to buy me a budget friendly one from Walmart using their new Pick up Today service.  I've … [Read more...]

Rambo’s Protected!


Have I showed you guys my new little dog?  Meet Rambo!  He's a long haired Chihuahua who loves, actually, he prefers to be outside ALL the time which means I have to worry about ticks! I know many of you folks take your dogs to the vet to get their flea & tick medicine but there are many that don't, including myself.  It's so expensive. I … [Read more...]

Making that Gift You Bought Extra Special

So fellas, you're buying a Mother's Day gift, something really awesome like an Apple iPad, which truly is an awesome gift that she's gonna love.  But, do you know what would really say that you put some thought into it?  Customizing it! Let's say you're buying her that oh so pretty white iPad.  What's an iPad without apps though right?  What a … [Read more...]

Just a Hint or Two for Mother’s Day

With Mother's Day around the corner, not only am I trying to decide what to get my own Mom but I'm also dropping hints to my family for myself.  You'd think after 18+ years of marriage that my husband would be able to get the kiddos together and pick something out on his own but nope. He needs all the help he can get.  Don't most men? First hints … [Read more...]

Easter Goodies!


I just love the Easter holiday!  Look at all these Easter goodies for the kiddos!  I wanted to create three Easter baskets for my son Truett and two of his friends; Chloe and Chase.  I found some great items to put in them like bubbles ($1), sidewalk chalk ($1), mini 'magna doodles' ($1), and of course, tons of candy eggs.  I bought a couple of … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Preparation

cleaning caddy

Don't we all just love this time of year? Pollen, end of school year, Spring cleaning? I want to share with you how I prepare for Spring cleaning. It's one of the few things I do that actually is organized! In the video are products that I use to clean, how I carry them from room to room, and ideas for those cute utility cans that you can find … [Read more...]