Quick Taco Salad

Quick Taco Salad

Quick and easy recipes are the way to go y'all.  Since we are trying a little bit harder to make smart eating choices with Truett, we've been trying to switch up the full blown 3 course meals with some more balanced, nutritious dinners, like this quick Taco Salad. I realized that Truett loves lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and of course meat so I ... Continue Reading

Fresh Veggie Chili Beans

Fresh Veggie Chili

There's still plenty of cold days, here in Texas, to enjoy some good ol' chili.   Thanks to my Toby, we have been eating a lot more fruits & vegetables and I gotta admit, I'm the first one to open a can, so it's been a challenge using fresh produce for recipes.  Even so, I wanted to make some fresh veggie chili, using just that, fresh ... Continue Reading


‘Made By…’ Commitment Supporting American Jobs

Raise your hand if you're in favor of supporting American jobs?  Duh right?  Well if you haven't heard the buzz yet, I'm here to share with you, Walmart's commitment to invest $250 Billion dollars in products that support American jobs. A quick little bit from Walmart: We plan on doing this by increasing what we already buy and by helping ... Continue Reading

Memory Photo Collage with Letter B

Memorial Photo Collage Craft – Letter B

February 4th will be six months since Bobby has been gone.  Honestly, it doesn't feel like that to me at all.  One of the things I always worried about when my older boys were little, was them forgetting about their Wela when she passed.  So with Truett, I want to make sure he's surrounded by stories and photos of his Pop.  The hardest decision I ... Continue Reading


Fill the Truck with Toys, for Kids in Need #FilltheTruck

Giving brings smiles to those in need, and to the ones giving.  Every year now, me and Truett have had the opportunity to donate at least $100 in toys to Fill the Truck or Toys for Tots.  Truett always has so much fun picking things out and it's teaching him what giving it all about. This year Walmart has the same programs going on at their ... Continue Reading

Monster Headphones on Truett

Monster Headphones – Truett Couldn’t Be So Heartleeeesss

First of all, to get the title, you'll have to watch the video.  Second, we saw these Monster headphones on our holiday trip to Walmart's Headquarters and I have to say, we were super impressed! Aside from awesome sound, there are a few other things that make these Monster Headphones unique and cool; They are  N-credibly durable - ... Continue Reading

selfie with Garth Brooks

Me and Garth Brooks, on Music Row #BlameItAllOnMyRoots

I never thought anything would top my Shaq story, but bygolly, Garth Brooks did!  As one of the official Moms in the Walmart Mom Blogger program, we have the opportunity to do a lot of neat things, and hangin' with Garth Brooks was one of them.   I don't know how Garth felt, but I totally felt like I was part of the family!  SELFIE! The reason ... Continue Reading

My Savings Story_Graphic_Final

My Savings Story with Karen

My friend Karen and I rarely get to see each other. Between kids, work, & church, when we get a chance to get together, it's great to complain about whose husband has the worst habits and, of course, we love to go shopping! Last Sunday, my man was planted in front of the TV with his tater chips watching football. I called up my friend Karen for ... Continue Reading