Little Big Town Soundcheck Performance and Your Chance to Win a Signed Guitar!


Music is such a huge part of my life. All types of music just make me happy but country, of course, is a big part of our lives.   Everyone 'round here knows who Little Big Town is so I was excited to see the release of their new album, "Pain Killer" and that they're giving their fans a chance to win an Little Big Town autographed guitar! I … [Read more...]

‘Made By…’ Commitment Supporting American Jobs


Raise your hand if you're in favor of supporting American jobs?  Duh right?  Well if you haven't heard the buzz yet, I'm here to share with you, Walmart's commitment to invest $250 Billion dollars in products that support American jobs. A quick little bit from Walmart: We plan on doing this by increasing what we already buy and by helping … [Read more...]

Memorial Photo Collage Craft – Letter B

Memory Photo Collage with Letter B

February 4th will be six months since Bobby has been gone.  Honestly, it doesn't feel like that to me at all.  One of the things I always worried about when my older boys were little, was them forgetting about their Wela when she passed.  So with Truett, I want to make sure he's surrounded by stories and photos of his Pop.  The hardest decision I … [Read more...]

Fill the Truck with Toys, for Kids in Need #FilltheTruck


Giving brings smiles to those in need, and to the ones giving.  Every year now, me and Truett have had the opportunity to donate at least $100 in toys to Fill the Truck or Toys for Tots.  Truett always has so much fun picking things out and it's teaching him what giving it all about. This year Walmart has the same programs going on at their … [Read more...]

Monster Headphones – Truett Couldn’t Be So Heartleeeesss

Monster Headphones on Truett

First of all, to get the title, you'll have to watch the video.  Second, we saw these Monster headphones on our holiday trip to Walmart's Headquarters and I have to say, we were super impressed! Aside from awesome sound, there are a few other things that make these Monster Headphones unique and cool; They are  N-credibly durable - … [Read more...]

Me and Garth Brooks, on Music Row #BlameItAllOnMyRoots

selfie with Garth Brooks

I never thought anything would top my Shaq story, but bygolly, Garth Brooks did!  As one of the official Moms in the Walmart Mom Blogger program, we have the opportunity to do a lot of neat things, and hangin' with Garth Brooks was one of them.   I don't know how Garth felt, but I totally felt like I was part of the family!  SELFIE! The reason … [Read more...]

My Savings Story with Karen

My Savings Story_Graphic_Final

My friend Karen and I rarely get to see each other. Between kids, work, & church, when we get a chance to get together, it's great to complain about whose husband has the worst habits and, of course, we love to go shopping! Last Sunday, my man was planted in front of the TV with his tater chips watching football. I called up my friend Karen for … [Read more...]

Walmart’s Christmas Ad Match – Buy Now, Price Match Thru December 24th

Christmas Ad Match

We have all been there....we buy something, and then see it on sale later. ARGH!  Well if you haven't heard already, Walmart will ad match thru December 24th!  Here's how it works y'all! Buy your item at Walmart. WHAT! You saw it on sale somewhere else? ARGH!  Take your receipt AND AD back to Walmart and show them the sale price. Get the … [Read more...]

John Grisham’s Sycamore Row


There are few authors as well known, and is well-liked, as John Grisham. I suppose this review is a bit biased since I have read several in years past and one of them, ‘A Time To Kill’, is most certainly on everyone's top 10 list of favorites. ‘Sycamore Row’ follows in the footsteps of many of Grisham’s classics in that it’s centered in a southern … [Read more...]

Use Walmart’s Layway to Buy Christmas Gifts (My Cool Video too)


Walmart layaway has been a big saver for me and my family in years past.  It's allowed us to make payments on things that we could never pay upfront for, like a gamecube or bicycle.  If you haven't take advantage of the layaway yet, there's still time! Not sure how easy it is? Well check out my video, it's as easy as 1,2,3.  Tell me that video is … [Read more...]

Truett’s CARS Birthday Party – A Real Hallmark Moment

Hallmark CARS birthday party

Truett had his 7th birthday this month and celebrated it twice; once at school and once with family at home.  We did the family party early because my mom was down.  It made for a real hallmark moment to be honest with you.  With everything that has happened, it was heartwarming to see her here with us and watching Truett enjoy his … [Read more...]

Hunting Ain’t Just for the Guys!


Hunting, it's a big thing here in Texas.  One minute we're hunting hogs, the next minute it's dove, and then deer. But hunting ain't just for the guys y'all. When we lived on the Quien Sabe ranch, we took out quite a bit of prairie dogs.  Cute as they seem, they build huge villages of nothing but holes.  It's awful for horses.  They can … [Read more...]

Get Early Access to Walmart Layaway!


Walmart Layaway is back and better than ever!  And the early bird always gets the worm, or in the case, gets access to layaway before anyone else! It's really easy to do y'all.  Just head over to Walmart's facebook page and claim the early access to layaway offer.  By doing so, you'll get access to Walmart's layaway before anyone else, on … [Read more...]

Truett’s Choice of Vitamin, in Disney Form

disney vitamins

We take vitamins daily and so does Truett.  No better than some kids eat, a multivitamin is very important in my opinion.  Disney is bringing vitamins in kid's favorites character form; Avengers, Phineas & Ferb, Mickey Mouse, and more. While the packaging and gummy shapes appeal to the kiddos, what's inside makes all the difference to … [Read more...]

Back to School, In Style

truett school clothes

School shopping is one of my most favorite times of year. My office gets new supplies, we all gotta eat lunch, and kids get brand new clothes! 'Cause Truett is only 6, his clothing style is pretty basic.  He doesn't need or want anything special, except good shoes, and loves to pick out all his graphic tees.   We also buy a few polo shirts, … [Read more...]

Countdown to Back to School – Supplies!


If you were to ask my husband what one of my most favorite things to do is, he would quickly say "shopping for back to school".   But it's probably not why you think.  While I love to shop for school supplies for my kids, I get ticked at scoring those prices for my own personal addiction, office supply hoarding!  Come on now, I know I'm not the … [Read more...]

Summer Serenity for 3

Summer Serenity for 3

I love my kids but let's face it, we moms need a break during Summer when they're home ALL the time.  I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not much on decor when it comes to hosting others for entertaining purposes but while I was in Bentonville, I was totally inspired by Walmart's home decor team.  They had a house beautifully setup for us and … [Read more...]

Texas Watermelons Down on the Farm

wiggins watermelon farms

The Wiggins Farm down in Snook, Texas has been growing watermelons for over 45 years.  Not much has changed in those years, which is probably why they are so successful, selling over 3 million watermelons every season. There are 2 Wiggins Watermelon Farms, where every season, they contract out helpers to pick and load watermelons.  It's hard … [Read more...]

Affordable Sporting Goods We Have Bought at Walmart

sporting goods

I have always loved watching my kids play sports, whether for fun or competitively.  One of the things I don't love, is how much it the equipment and accessories can cost, especially if you're buying from an actual sporting goods store.  I'm showing you that you don't have to spend a fortune on sporting goods though. There are good quality pieces … [Read more...]

Better Homes and Gardens Planter – A Quality, High-End Look Without the Price

bhg planter

As I have said before, I have a hard time keeping anything alive. If it wasn't for my husband, all my plants would have died already. I have improved my green thumb over the past year and am determined to have more houseplants.  They just make us happy having them in the house. When Better Homes and Gardens sent us this planner, I had no … [Read more...]

Lightning McQueen’s ‘Bolt’ Using Glidden Paint in Disney Colors


Truett's room is so blah.  I really think that's a big reason he doesn't spend much time in here. It's drab and boring and I wouldn't want to be in there either.  It needed some umph! If you haven't seen the awesome Disney paints that Glidden has, you need to check them out.  Truett picked out the colors and we went with the … [Read more...]

Eureka’s Lightweight Upright AirSpeed ONE – One Powerful Sucker! {Giveaway}

Eureka AirSpeed ONE

AirSpeed ONE – a name that befits a jet fighter probably tasked with the defense of Air Force One against enemies of the state. Well this Eureka vacuum cleaner has a tougher task – to search and destroy invaders in your home that seek to destroy its cleanliness and modesty.  Powered by a 12 Amp motor it has got loads of suction power to clean … [Read more...]

Bissell Deep Cleaner Premier Review


Over time, carpet tends to feel matted and look dingy. Vacuuming removes dirt and debris but as time wears on, the carpet gradually loses its shine and finish. When we moved in this house, the carpets were pretty bad so in order for our carpets to look decent, we have to deep clean them regularly.   The Bissell Deep Cleaner Premier is a carpet … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Bouquet in Candy-Filled Jar, Filled with Inspiration

easter egg bouquet filled with inspiration

I love Easter.  I love the vibrant colors, the family time, and that it means more to me now than just hunting eggs.  This year, when thinking of fun crafts to make for Easter gifts, I knew I wanted something colorful, fun, and inspirational.  I decided to make an Easter Egg Bouquet filled with inspiration...and gotta have some candy in there too … [Read more...]

Rachael Ray’s Suction Lids Are Cool!

rachael ray suction lids

I have used Rachael Ray's garbage bowl for years now but recently tried her new 2-pc suction lid set.  Let me tell you, they are super cool!  This is such a great alternative to plastic wrap! You simply place the lid on your bowl, pull up to suction all the air up, and let go.  To put these lids to the big test, I used a bowl with 'wings' … [Read more...]

Empowering Women Together


I'm thrilled to share how Walmart is Empowering Women all over the world and how you can help support them!  It's really simple. has dedicated a space on their website where you can buy products made from women-based businesses from around the world.   They are starting with over 200 products from nine countries, including the … [Read more...]

History Channel, The Bible TV Series


I am super excited about this 10-episode series because I am wanting to learn so much more about the Bible.  I currently read Truett's little Bible stories since I have very little knowledge of the history of the Bible. I'm learning a lot though and I think it would be fun to watch a series of it.    OMG, this music video trailer looks amazing and … [Read more...]