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Surely I Have Two Weeks Worth of Mamavation?

I recently signed up for Mamavation's Two Week Challenge.  The first 100 people received a free membership to where we can access workouts, journal, forum, recipes, and much more.   Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a drawing for some great stuff!  Challenge is from October 29th, 2012 - November 12, ... Continue Reading


Operation Fatty: March Weigh In

I knew this last month would be hard because of spring break but we also did a lot of eating for some reason.  Despite that, I think I did well. I noticed that I had more mental issues this time around.  I found it harder to get ready to leave to town for my workouts but once I got there, I felt great working out.   I cheated with food much more ... Continue Reading


People that Inspire My Weight Loss

You know how you see those commercials with the before & afters and while they look great, I don't know who those people are so it means a little less to me. For me, I need to changes like that from real people that I know, have hugged, and can talk to any time of day. I'm extremely lucky to have the support system that I do. My kids & ... Continue Reading

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Operation Fatty: One Month, Measurements Update

It's been exactly one month since I've been going hard at Anytime Fitness and hiring Sarah as my personal trainer.    It was a month that I thought would be easier with a trainer and while I find it much more motivating to have a trainer, it definitely isn't easy. Everything about the workout is hard and exhausting, and at times, will have you ... Continue Reading


Operation Fatty: Pushing Through and Something New

This week marks the 1 month anniversary that I've been working out with my trainer at Anytime Fitness.  While I haven't lost tons of weight, I have gained muscle, strength, and confidence.  We take measurements in  a few days and I know I've lost 8 pounds but I'm really impressed with several changes with my body and mind. When I first started ... Continue Reading

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A New Year, A New You and Me – A Fresh Start

The New Year always brings a fresh start doesn't it?  This year, I've vowed to get fit and while I'll still be enjoying all of my favorite food items (with portion control), I'll be adding a few healthier alternatives to the mix as well. I have no clue how that ice cream got in there but it's totally not for me;)  As you can see, I'm adding ... Continue Reading

Me, breathing during the Pow Wow

Mental and Physical Accountability

Oh man, talk about feeling like a train going 100 mph!  I never expected to be so busy OFFLINE as I am these days.  No complaints really because I like that actually. I like having a purpose and something to do for me and my family.   I've been feeling inspired lately by the people around me, physically and mentally.  Every since the whole ... Continue Reading

Pizza and salad

Pepperoni Pizza with a Side Salad

When I started my weight loss journey, I had no idea how hard it would be but I am finding things that make it easier.  I load up on fresh produce every week, drink tons of water, and always keep a few convenience items on hand.  When my man wants those super fattening jalapeno stuffed sausages for lunch, I can easily grab a Lean Cuisine dinner and ... Continue Reading


Operation Fatty: Pledge, Wii, Update, You

Well it's not wonder I got mistaken as pregnant all those times.  I mean, good gawd, I never realized just how fat I was until last night. I was browsing earlier videos I had done when I came across one of me on the treadmill.  Wow.  I was shocked just to see how big I was around.  I knew I was fat but I guess I didn't realize how it was all right ... Continue Reading


Operation Fatty: Fail, Trying Again

Fail, a word I know too well but I'm determined to not let it keep me down.  I want to be stronger but realize that I need additional support both mentally and physically. I noticed that when people were rooting each other (me) on, I was doing great!  I felt not so much obligated anymore but motivated.  And then the encouragement dwindled ... Continue Reading