Operation Fatty: Pledge, Wii, Update, You


Well it's not wonder I got mistaken as pregnant all those times.  I mean, good gawd, I never realized just how fat I was until last night. I was browsing earlier videos I had done when I came across one of me on the treadmill.  Wow.  I was shocked just to see how big I was around.  I knew I was fat but I guess I didn't realize how it was all right … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty: Fail, Trying Again


Fail, a word I know too well but I'm determined to not let it keep me down.  I want to be stronger but realize that I need additional support both mentally and physically. I noticed that when people were rooting each other (me) on, I was doing great!  I felt not so much obligated anymore but motivated.  And then the encouragement dwindled … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty #3 Back to the Grind

Well, I said I was gonna start my weight loss journal back up and I am.  I'm weighing in a 190, with a goal of 140 but I'd take 150;) I'll be using Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer, taking diet pills, and drinking my trusty Propel.  I think I can manage the 10 minutes for sure and depending on how well my body takes it, I can also do … [Read more...]

The Continuation of Operation Fatty

So I really slacked off on my whole weighloss diary thing and I'm ready to get back to it!  I've reading Leigh's weigh-in posts and am getting motivated by the participation. I'm still considering the Orovo detox but haven't completely decided on it yet.  I also plan to join the gym here in our local town.  It's a 24/7 which means I can go work … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty #1 First Weigh In

Sorry for the delay folks.  We were super busy yesterday and I didn't get time to do anything!   I'll be filming me stepping on the scale next time so you can all see it "live" with me! So what's my weight today?....193. I didn't really do much else this week to talk about.  The video says it all I guess.  I hope everyone is doing well in their … [Read more...]

Tagging Along with Me!

First, I want to thank everyone for their wonderful support and encouragement during my weightloss journey!  THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!  I'd like to give a shoutout to the people who are joining along.  JENNY 867-5309 is joining in too! WOOHOO Leigh (who started a weightloss blogroll!!) Michelle who has a great idea for a challenge of … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty #1 The Beginning

This is my first entry into my video diary about my weightloss journey.  I encourage you to join me and create your own diary whether it be by video or just by writing.  Something I failed to mention in the video, is that I'll be writing down my calories and what I eat for each day.  I think this will let me see just exactly what I'm … [Read more...]

Bits and Bites 1

First, I've been nominated for best food blog.  My badge is in my sidebar.  I don't think my blog is the best by any means but I would still love to have some votes.  If you register and vote for me, I'll give you 5 bonus entries into my standmixer contest:)    Every kitchen needs a timer.  It's extremely easy to get sidetracked when you have a … [Read more...]

Sayin Howdy

Just thought I'd stop in and say howdy.  I hope everyone's Christmas is going great.  We finished the food and eatin' by 12:15! Whew, now I feel like a bloated pig:)  I ate way too much!  I'm gonna have to get some slimquick after eating chicken, taters, corn, dressing, deviled eggs, rolls, strawberry cheesecake, and rice crispies! Well, I … [Read more...]