Lone Star Western Decor – Branded Dinnerware #ACWGG

Brands Dinnerware

Cattle brands are a way to show ownership on rancher's livestock.   Today, it's become a trend in home decor, handbags, and makes for some fantastic photography opportunities.  If you recall, I have an extensive collection of cowboy china that features cattle brands.   I even have a purse from years ago, that my BIL gave me, that has brands all … [Read more...]

Cowboy Decor – Our Chuck-box and ‘Cowboy China’

westward ho cowboy china in rodeo pattern

I love when March arrives because not only is it my birthday month (whoop-tee-do), it's also the month flea markets start back up.   You never know what you'll find and if you're creative, which I'm not, you can really decorate your home on a dime! I remember walking through the flea market with my father-in-law one Summer and seeing this lovely … [Read more...]

Cowboy Decor with a Story

We decorate our house with junk mostly but several pieces are real cowboy gear that has been retired.  When I say junk, I mean old things like whiskey jugs and gas cans and pieces of branded barn wood.  We have this shelf over the fireplace and it's pretty much the focal point of the house so we chose to put my man's spurs there, right next to that … [Read more...]

Our Living Room

People are curious about my decor.  Of course, it's westernfied so no surprises in that department but I had several people asking about my rug and cowboy hats so I decided to post a picture.  I have cowboy hats hanging everywhere--on the corner of the window curtains, on the entertainment stand, the floor, walls, etc.  My sofa & recliner … [Read more...]