Ten Western Gift Ideas for Cowgirls, Cowboys, and Cowpokes!

A little yeehaw, yayhoo, and hoodoggies are in order for this year’s western gift guide! Talk about some great submissions into this year’s gift guide! It was super hard to narrow it down but I had to or else I’d be spending the whole dang year writing the posts for them!  Today, I’m bringing you ten and will continue to feature a couple more over the next week or so.

1) Up first is some western beauty, for you and your body! Meet Dolce Mia and their fine designs with a little cowgirl/cowboy flavor. I ain’t gonna lie, I totally didn’t want to use this because they are so dang cute! I wanted them to just sit there lookin’ purty in my bathroom BUT, I did use them and LOVED them! Omg, the smells were fabulous and made me feel so good!  Oh, and the have shea butter, ooo la la..so soft:)
Dolce Mia westen combo

2) For an eco-friendly alternative (because I know there are a ton of you out there), try these beautiful hand-carved soaps with lovely horse designs on them from Carved Solutions. You can actually get them personalized to whatever you want! HOW COOL IS THAT!  They also have candles so be sure to check them out!


3) How about a cool Tatt for your teen or fella or even for the ladies. It could be of a horse, your logo, MY logo, or whatever!  UberTatts are made of quality. They apply quickly and remove easily.  The horse on this ride, gives horsepower a whole new meaning!


4) Western whimsical gift idea from CCC Gifts up next.  I LOVE the boots on this hand painted cowboy canvas.  It’s fun, creative, and would make for a beautiful addition to any western home wall.  I adore anything handcrafted.

8x10 cowboy canvas

5) Add a little charm to your arm!  Can’t go this season without these beautiful sterling silver western charms.  I have a charm bracelet with all sorts of western charms and it’s something that I think every cowgirl at heart should have.  They have a gazillion other charms there too. Check it out!

Western at Charm Factory

6) Boot Scootin’ in these babies will make the other cowgirls jealous!  Aren’t they purty? Black with white details..oh yeah! Kinda Harleyish that are sure to have them cowboys crushing on you.:)  And how ’bout the boots for the fellas?  ROWR! Cherry hot fo sho.  Durango’s got some hot styles I’d say, including the fabulous Flirt boots!  I own a pair and LOVE them and they have a style for every gal.


7) We love to have books on our tables, books that my husband and brother-in-law are in and history books like this ‘Historic Photos of Texas Lawmen‘.  LOVE seeing real photos of the folks way back when don’t you?  It makes for a great conversation piece and a fun bit of education for the younger generation.  A big ol’ thumbs for this book!

Texas Lawmen Cover

8) Ride ’em Cowboy! I LOVE this line from Olive Kids. My little cowpoke has a few items from them and the next one of the list is the floor pillow.  I love that you can personalize their items.  Kids love that stuff!  Truett loves his plate and placemat which I also highly recommend.


9) Any of the tees, iphone covers, and koozies would be a great gift from Southern Brand.  I really like their style and couldn’t just choose one thing.  Great stuff there!

Southern Brand -the south, outlaw, alt country music, blues, bbq, Americana

10) Ariat, who doesn’t love them. When I worked at Dandy’s, I sold more Ariat than any other boot.  I also enjoyed seeing more and more of their other products like their belts and shirts.  The make high quality stuff and are a name you can trust.  My son wears the horsehair belt, my cowpoke wears those cute red Kid’s Legend boots and I’m dying to have that women’s Rosie shirt…in that color.  I truly enjoy all they have. Great brand.


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  1. Rhiana says

    Great gift ideas! I love the silver charms. I’m a sucker for charm bracelets and charms of any kind. Love your site!

    • karen says

      hi girl i have been married to a cowboy for 45 years and have grandchildren that are rodeoing too”’great way to raise kids in the country””””””