Thank God for Cowboys Photo Book

When’s the last time you actually printed photos or made an album?  For most of us, probably a lifetime ago because how the tech world has evolved but I find that my boys still will go through our old photo albums of when they were under 5 and just talk & laugh about past times.  Walmart asked me if I wanted to try out their Quick Memorybook Maker online and I thought, heck yeah! It would be the perfect chance to get a few photos printed on paper and have another album to sit on the coffee table.

The first thing I noticed is that you can get one made for as little as $15 bucks.  Super duper cheap y’all!  I added a few more pages to mine, bought a soft cover smaller one for my handbag, and asked for overnight shipping so my total was a little more but it was totally worth it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the book!

As you can see, you can pick the color of the album and you can also pick the theme. Of course I picked Western! YEEEHAW!  You simply upload photos and drag and drop them. CRAZY EASY!

The Western pages were super cute!!! It’s like scrapbooking sorta! You can change how many photos you want on a page and all. I kept it simple because I wanted each photo to stand out on its’ own.  I added a caption to a few and a quote to the front and final page.

The Front page once you open the memory book:

I chose to use the quote, “A Man is Not Born a Cowboy, He Becomes One”

The ending quote of the Memory Book is, ” A Man’s got to have a code, a creed to live by.”  John Wayne  And of course, I thanked all my cowboys!

The only thing that I wish I would have been able to do is add a title to the Front Cover of the book.  Other than that, I love everything about the maker and my new cowboy book!  Those publishers ain’t got nothin’ on me!

I have to say, using the Quick Memorybook Maker was extremely easy and FUN!  I LOVED getting some of these memories on paper like this, plus, I’ll have some pretty cool cowboy photos to show off to guests.  I can honestly say that I’d recommend this to all.  What fun you could have! You could create a blog memory book, a baby memory book a wedding memory book…so many things to remember always!

If you want to see the whole book, check out the quick video.

I’d love to hear what kind of memory book you’d create!  Now ride off into the sunset and make yours! YEEHAW!

Disclosure: FYI, I prefer to use my own disclosures that reflect my writing style..but Walmart is making me use theirs….I would have said, I LOVE this book and am so glad that Walmart asked me to review it and sent me a gift card to put towards the cost of the memory book. All opinions are my own, always have been, always will be. NOW here’s Walmart’s— I am one of the Walmart Moms. I was approached by Walmart to try the Quick MemoryBook Maker and blog about my experience. I received a giftcard to test the service and purchase a Quick MemoryBook. Although product was provided, opinions are 100% my own. See, mine’s better huh?

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    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      Hey there Domestic E. I don’t recall it having the logo anywhere on the book but when I get home, I’ll find out for sure and let you know. I’m out of town right now;)

    • Caroline Pougnier says

      Hey Domestic Extraordinaire, this is Caroline, from Walmart. Just wanted to let you know we don’t put the walmart logo on the books – so go ahead and try us out :)

  1. says

    Looking for a “cowboy” baby book. I don’t want the one Lil Buckaroo by Dolce Mia that everyone sells. Do you have any ideas? Any contacts that make them for custom orders? Thanks