The Blogher Whirlwind

Wow, what an event.  I honestly don’t even know where to begin because there was soooooo much happening.  I arrived to Chicago on Wednesday, very perky and left on Sunday completely drained but it was all worth it.

The amount of folks that showed up for the Blogher Conference was absolutely amazing.  The sad thing is that there are so many people you meet that it’s almost impossible to remember everyone’s name and even face for that matter.  Like everyone else, I was hoping to meet those that I admire and as many as I could that read my blogs.  And I did.

Wednesday Night

We hit the Sushi Samba party first.  Great folks, nice atmosphere, and a fun photo booth. You can see me, Arianne, Allison, and Audrey having a bit of fun in these photos.



This was Blogher Business day but I’ll cut to the fun evening stuff.  The SocialLuxe Lounge was a whole lotta fun.  They handed out awards, I met very nice PR folks from Land’s End, Kodak (and others) and of course all the talk was on the swag because Kodak was generous enough to hand out the cool Z16 Pocket Video Camera.  Sadly, there were some really childish, desperate people that were stealing the bracelets that got you a bag of swag, leaving those who were supposed to get a swag bag, without.  Good gawd that is so pathetic.

Here are a couple of pics from that event.  The three princess fairys are The Bloggess, White Trash Mom, and Redneck Mommy.  Below these girls is Christine who got a cool piece of artwork on her arm. The last photo is of some hot girls with Chris Mann.


I attended the Carnivale Cocktail Party hosted by Frito Lay/Woman’s World and I had a great time.  Delicious appetizers and great gals!  Mommysnacks even won a Blogher 10′ pass!!  WOOT!

After all this was the People’s Party which way too busy for me.  I literally walked in, made a circle, and walked right back out.  Looks like it was a great time but by that time, I was so tired and just wanted to hang out in a more quiet place in my pj’s and I almost got to.  Instead, I hung out with Amy from Mom Advice and White Trash Mom in the Chi bar.  It was a relaxing conversation and it was so nice to get to chat with Amy, who I rarely get to see.   After Michelle left, Alyssa showed up and chatted with us a bit.  Both are the nicest ladies ever.


Had a wonderful breakfast with Food Network’s Dave Lieberman and the Walmart Eleven Moms.


Friday was one of the craziest days to say the least.  Finally got to browse the exhibition hall where all the vendors were and had a great time doing that.  I met some of the PR folks I work with, which was great to see them face to face.  I also met so many new ones that I hope to work with like PlaySkool.  And for those of you who were there, tell me that Dinosaur was not the coolest thing ever!

Attended a more intimate get-together with Hanes Comfort Crew.  I loved that they only invited a few so that we could actually talk and have a more personable experience.  Really enjoyed it!


Had to move right along to the Energizer Party where I didn’t even get to see the lovely Colleen (who was one of the hosts) because she was getting her hands done but I did get to meet the Energizer Bunny.  You know you’re jealous.

Immediately headed to the E.L.F. where we met Ted who is very passionate about E.L.F. Cosmetics and should be.  I have to say, I’ve always been a Bare Escentuals fan but might just be converted.  I still need to play with some of the cosmetics to know for sure but when you calculate the cost, you will save HUGE amounts of money with the E.L.F. line.  I got my makeup done too!


The big thing for me was the Nikon Party.  I heart Nikon as most of you who read me regularly will know.  The cool thing at this party though was getting to meet and interview Carson Kressley.  He was so real, very “normal” and very stylish.

Some of the nice folks I met at the Nikon Party included Jaden from Steamy Kitchen, who has taught me so much on improving my food photos.  Love her and actually met her earlier than this but didn’t get my pic with her.  Also there was Ree, The Pioneer Woman, who is VERY tall.

I left a bit earlier than most because I was exhausted and my feet were hurting so bad that I was almost in tears. Seriously.  They were so freakin’ cute shoes but good lord my feet were not happy campers.  Went back to the hotel, got in my pj’s and hung out.


Had to get up super early for a video/photo shoot then attended a lunch with Tide.   Loved the demonstration they did with cleaning the grass stain and enjoyed the meal a great deal.  Gymboree brought some super cute outfits for us to see as well.  I love Gymboree because they always have the cutest cowboy outfits.  You know, I brought little man home in a cute cowboy newborn set from them.  ADORABLE. Also had the chance to visit with with the Tide folks later that afternoon and meet with Tim Gunn from Project Runway.  Very classy and very nice man.

The highlight on Saturday for me was meeting the lovely Paula Deen.  Wow is she beautiful.  If you don’t know her life story, you should go read about her.  Her cooking is fabulous and all but her life story is absolutely inspiring.

Bowlher was the last of the party events I attended and it was definitely one of the best. Open space to dance, bowl, play pool, and just sit down and visit.  Here’s several photos from that evening.



alyssa at bowlher

bowlher again

pool table setup



bowlher red carpet

girls on red carpet

Loved meeting everyone and wish I had met even more.   So much to do & so many to see, so little time.

Alot of fun to say the least.  I know I left a lot but it all happens so fast and there’s so much that I couldn’t possibly remember everything and put it in one post.  I hope all of you who went had a blast and all of you who didn’t get the chance to go, try your hardest to attend the next one because it’s gonna be fab! It’s also going to be in New York and tickets are already on sale NOW!! GOLLY!  Anyone want to sponsor me?? ;)

Thanks so much for Walmart for sending me to Blogher this year.   I appreciate all the hard work they did and the great folks they brought in like Dave and Paula.

Until next time y’all……………………………………

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  1. says

    First I would like to say, it was so fun getting to hangout a little again. You’re not only a great blogger but an all around great friend– you crack me up everytime! ..and you’re looking great -shrinking away :) Im jealous.

    In other Blogher news though–
    I look nekkid in that pic lol.. like I went to Bowlher in only sunglasses & a necklace– and Im going on record now– I am not the naked chic.haha

    Im so upset I missed Social Luxe… all swag aside– that henna was cool looking!

    I missed most of Paula Dean too, but she truly is more beautiful in person.. I will have to look into her life story.

    O yea, and

    and check out that Sassy Frugal butt… :)
    .-= Complicated Mama´s last blog ..Hello iPhone! =-.

  2. says

    I love all your pics. It sounds like you had a great time at BlogHer. :) Thanks for taking that great pic of me and my friends. I enjoyed seeing you again although I’m still really sorry about your purse. :p That just might be one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever done.

  3. says

    Lori! My travel companion, what can I say? Loved seeing you, hanging out and chatting, of course. Your post is definitely the most thorough BlogHer recap I have read, and you have the best photos! It truly was a whirlwind, I can’t believe how fast it flew by. Looking forward to our next adventure together, where ever that may lead.
    .-= Alyssa @ Keeping the Kingdom First´s last blog ..Back-to-School Bargain Bonanza: Week of 7/27 =-.

  4. says

    The Energizer bunny and I have to be related. Our hips are EXACTLY the same!

    I love your pictures from BlogHer as much as the stories themselves. I also love how people blog about other people – with links. It’s great to get to know people in some sort of context. I am otherwise terrible at keeping online people straight in my head.
    .-= tammigirl´s last blog ..Honest Scrap: From Lorelia Gilmore to Cruella De Vil =-.

  5. says

    Girlfriend, laughing with you and Amy on Thursday night was one of the highlights of the weekend, as I don’t get to see y’all very much, was just fun to hang out. You and Lori were acting a little crazy in the hotel lobby…ha!
    You are ALWAYS so nice, gracious and really easy to be around Lori. What a friend you are xoxoxoxox
    .-= Michelle -WhiteTrashMom´s last blog ..Blog with Integrity: Taking Back Our Community, One Post at a Tme =-.

  6. Mercyming says

    Thanks for sharing your adventures! It looks like you had an excellent time and got to meet so many fabulous people. Have to say, you looked great. I adore the earrings you have on at the bowling party.

  7. gaye says

    Great photos/write up!
    Girl, you look GREAT –
    Keep up the traveling, good work, and making your way in the blogospehere. ;)

  8. says

    Thank you for sharing – I have been enjoying reading about everyone’s trip to BlogHer ’09 since I didn’t go myself. I can’t wait til BlogHer ’10 though because I already bought my ticket!

  9. says

    Hey fabulous! I have some great photos from Boston I need to send your way. Drop me a line so I know how to get them over to you. Had so much fun with you. Mwah!