The Easiest Bacon Pork Tenderloin EVER

You can’t make a pork tenderloin much easier than this folks!  If y’all thought I was some gourmet cook, you have now learned the truth!  lol

So obviously this is just bacon, a pork tenderloin, and a little time! In the oven at 325 for a few hours!

Enjoy y’all and don’t forget to visit my gal Amy, who got to test drive a Mercedes for 2 weeks, and maybe one of you will win $50! She really does have some delicious ‘simplified’ recipes.

P.S. I tend to overcook mine because I like WELL DONE and since this was cooked just for me, I was able to cook it any way I wanted. NO, I didn’t eat all by myself but I easily could have….*sigh*


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