The Importance of a Demographic Survey for Your Media Kit

There are two main reasons why you should know your blog’s key demographics, for yourself and for advertisers. surveydemo


Knowing your readers a little more can help you determine what topics you might want to talk about. For example: When I started my food blog, I did a lot of cooking from scratch type recipes that take time. They were great and well received but once I saw the results of my demographic survey, I knew that I needed to make a few changes. Over 50% of my readers are moms who work outside of the home and don’t have time to cook from scratch. I then decided to start sharing recipes that were fast, easy and usually under 6 ingredients. Once I did that, I noticed my numbers went up. And by numbers, I mean my traffic and subscribers both saw an increase.

So you can see, by getting to know who your readers are, you are able to make subtle changes that can make a huge positive impact in making your blog successful.


By providing advertisers with your demographics, they are able to decide whether their products/services will be a good fit for your readers. This helps them determine whether or not they should buy advertising space as well.  Advertisers love demographics because they are statistical!  HAHA, I made a joke.  Okay…so moving on.  They want numbers plain and simple and to see if working with you would benefit them.


Some basic questions you might want to ask in your demographics survey:

  • *) Age
  • *) Gender
  • *) Marital Status
  • *) Education
  • *) Family Income
  • *) How many children
  • *) Employment

Feel free to add any other questions that you think are appropriate but try not to make it too long.  People are lazy and most often dislike surveys unless some incentive is included.  Demographic surveys are anonymous and I encourage you not to do incentives because then you’ll rake in people who are not regular readers of your site(s).  Your loyal readers  will take the time to answer a few questions for you.

3 Resources to Create your Survey

These first two are paid for any responses over 100.  Under 100, it’s free.  They are very reputable companies.

And my favorite (because it’s free and I’m cheap frugal)

When in Google Docs, you simply click on New and then Form.  Create your questions and go!

Demographics absolutely should be in your media kit.  You will be helping your blog by learning more about your readers and providing advertisers good solid statistics that will show that you are serious about working with advertisers.

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  1. says

    I used for my last round of surveys. I was pleased with their services. I did a demographic survey recently (before I started hearing about media kits and what not) to help determine what my reader were like and what they liked to read about the most. I joked, “perhaps you’re not ALL 30-ish females, married with three children like me.” You know what? THEY WERE – with very little variation. It’s amazing what you can learn when you just ask. :)

    Amber @ Classic Housewifes last blog post..Monday Meanderings

  2. says

    Great information Lori! You, Tara and Christine really rocked it out at Blissdom and I know you all know what you are talking about. I don’t know that I have been blogging long enough to put together a media kit just yet, but knowing the demographic of your readers is so important for other areas of growing your blog too. Thank you for sharing your smarts with us!!

    Tia @ Tiasavingcentss last blog post..Kashi and Annie’s Home Grown

  3. Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home says

    Great info- thanks so much! I am putting together my media kit right now and this will help me get the rest of the info that I need for it!

  4. says

    If your blog is registered with Alexa, you can access a lot of this information about your readers directly from their site! They track these stats and then tell you them based on the individual readers of your blog who are also registered with Alexa. The stats are supposed to be pretty accurate, and you might have an easier time accessing them than trying to get your readers to take a survey, though the survey is still a great idea!!

    Thanks for this!!

  5. says

    I recently did a couple of surveys of my readers. I used three survey tools; Survey Monkey, iContact’s survey feature, and Google Docs. Google doc won hand’s down not only because it’s free but because it was easy to download the information and they have pretty graphs, and did I mention it was free?

    The only problem I have with doing surveys is getting people to participate. It may be a universal thing so I won’t worry about it too much, but it sure is nice to have a nice sample of participants.

    I’ll pull my survey results together to include in the media kit I’m creating (from a free template of course ;-).