The Little MAD Scientist Cleans!

Oh my gosh, Truett is just adorable in this lab coat and goggles!! He had so much fun wearing it and helping me with our little Wisk with Stain Spectrum experiment.  It made me realize how much we should do more fun things like this. I mean, we do stuff but this was different and I could see his brain concentrating since it was out of his element and something so new to him.

Anyways, I’m part of this fun campaign with Wisk where they occasionally send us packages with experiments to process.  I’m a little behind so you’ll see this one today and then another soon after.   I apologize for that but I think you’ll love seeing how cute Truett is and how well the Wisk worked!   You can also see my other post over at ELM. Remember the “Ring Around the Collar“???  Love it!


We were to take the swatch (which was to represent a green grass stain), create a name, shape or whatever on it using some Wisk with Stain Spectrum, let sit a a few seconds,  swish in the beaker of warm water, and see the results.

We started out by making  a star because that was what Truett wanted, but then he took over and made it one big mess! lol  I tried to put the points out a bit more so that it still looked like a star!







As you can see, it came out really well, especially considering Truett barely swooshed around in the water!  And I do think you can tell it’s a star!!  He had so much fun doing this. I LOVED doing it with him.

I was definitely impressed with how well it worked but then again, I knew it would. See, for a few months now, I’ve been using Wisk because I had heard how well it worked and it was more budget friendly on top of that.  Wisk wanted to send me some bottles to try and because of it,  I have become a full blown Wisk convert and am proud of it.  Seeing how fast the detergent worked on the swatch should give you incentive to try it. I think we let is sit for like 10 seconds, swished for maybe 30 seconds and viola.

If you haven’t tried it but want to, use their $1.00 off coupon to give yourself a small price break!  I’d also like to know if YOU have ever tried an experiment like this and if you’re a Wisk user?  If you are not, when is the last time you gave it a try and if you are, what do you love about it?

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Wisk for my time and efforts to create the post but review & opinions are my own, always have been, always will be. Read my full disclosure for all my blogging ethics smackdown.

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  1. 1

    Seriously…..HE IS TOO STINKIN CUTE!

  2. 2

    We’ve been doing these too. I also have found that I really like the Wisk. I loved my son in the lab coat and goggles top, we’re thinking about making it part of his Halloween costume.

  3. 3

    Hey those would make great Halloween Costumes the Mad Wisk Scientists, just put a crazy wig on the top of their heads and add some funky colored gloves and they’d be set.
    I used a Wisk sample that came in the mail the other day. I was very impressed too.
    It might just save me having to buy prespotters.

  4. 4

    Lisa says

    I’m glad you showed the photos- I never did believe those commercials. BTW, love Truette’s little man shirt.

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  6. 6

    Charmaine says

    I haven’t tried Wisk yet but after seeing this I’ll guarantee I’ll try a bottle. In my case, usually the detergents would take a couple of hours in soaking the soiled item. I admit it’s tough removing the ring around the collar on my son’s shirts. It may be worth it to give it a try. It was fast too!!! :-D

  7. 7

    Joana says

    Truett is so cute. Also, Wisk works wonders with stains! It all became easy upon application.