The Metalsmith Boys

If you don’t already know, my husband builds spurs.  Lots of them here lately along with bits and buckles.  Well I guess his talent is rubbing off on my both of my sons because they have been busy.

Let’s take a look at my oldest son’s work first.  He was dying to make his own pair of spurs, and I mean dying..he was begging like a little boy…hee hee.  Here are his first pair of spurs!

And now let’s take a look at my middle son’s work.  He decided that he’s not into spurs or buckles, or bits, so since he loves me so much, he made me a kitchen knife!  Isn’t he sweet.  There is no silver on this…it’s all metal.

And finally one of my man‘s latest pieces made for one of our family members who works on the King Ranch.  He’s also an avid coon hunter!

Before you know it, we’ll have to get a truck rental to haul them and their stuff to trade shows!  HA!!

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  1. says

    wow that’s pure talent! and that knife is so adorable more so because it was made out of love. You’re blessed! Btw, Congrats for being featured in the MBC home page. Cool! I’m glad you liked the excerpt of your comment that I used in my post and thank you for coming by my blog too. That was so nice of you. Thanks!

  2. Genie says

    Your sons both do great work! I love the spurs your oldest son made – he should be very proud to wear them and then pass them down to his oldest son. How sweet of your middle boy to make you a knife. Tell them I said to keep up the good work.
    BTW, your man makes some awsome spurs!