The Super Bread Knife

When you think about buying a knife, what factors do you consider most important?   We have purchased an obscene amount of knives throughout our almost 20 year marriage, with 90% of them turning into junk knives.   I’m sure like you have done, they were thrown away for obvious reasons; handles breaking, blades dull and won’t sharpen, etc.  I have learned, in the last few years, that having a quality knife is an essential kitchen tool.   While I consider price, I have also learned that sometimes you get what you pay for.  It can often prove to be better to spend a little more on something that will last you a lifetime, vs, spending little on the same things several times a year for your lifetime.  (scroll down to find out how to win a knifeblock set valued at $1000)

I got my first high quality, made in the USA knife in July 2008 from a company known as New West KnifeWorks.  I chopped garlic, meat, and lots of vegetables with that knife and it still looks and chops just as it did the day it arrived.  I love these knives and I love the company even more.  I love what they stand for and how much pride they put into their products.

My latest find, is their Super Bread Knife.  Oh man, what a beauty this is. In fact, I absolutely refused to use it for several days because I just wanted to stare at it.  Each knife they make, is built to be the most spectacular piece ever.  It’s perfectly ‘cut’ to suit your all your slicing needs.  The super bread knife should definitely  be considered as one of your main knives for everything from bread to tomatoes.  The blade easily slices through bread without crushing the middle and you and I both know we’ve done that a million times with junk knives.

The slightly curved, smooth handle makes holding it effortlessly.  It’s not bulky or awkward but just right.   You’re able to slice in full motion without banging your fingers on the counter.   The materials used to make these knives are top of the line and of course, as I’ve said many times, 100% MADE IN THE USA.

I can’t say enough good things about ALL of New West KnifeWork’s products so you can count on them to be part of the Gift Giving Guide this holiday season!


By entering into the New West KnifeWorks giveaway, you’re giving yourself a chance to win this prize….

That giveaway entry link is through facebook but if you don’t use facebook, you can also enter here. You have until August 13th to get that entry in so don’t hesitate.  This set is stunning and you’ll have THE BEST KNIVES ever!


Disclosure: This knife was sent for my review. All opinions are my own, always.


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