The Treasures of an Obsessed Kitchen Collector

I’m not as obsessed as my mom but close and I often tell you about things that I love, but how do you decipher the things that I love from the things that I REALLY REALLY LOVE? Well it will be easy now thanks to Open Sky. It’s my own little shop of recommended goodies, stamped with the Falcon Crème de la Crème-approval seal, that are guaranteed to make you smile just knowing they are sitting in your kitchen.

What makes Open Sky different, is that you can add products to your shop that are hard to find, unique, and if they don’t have it, they will get it. They are also able to keep costs very low. That magnetic knife strip that I love and recommend in my shop, it’s only $17 bucks. Something else I love about them is that they are personable, which is a pretty great quality to have considering it’s hard to even find someone you can actually talk to that’s not automated.

I will be adding products very slowly to my shop because, as mentioned before, they will be products that I love, love, love and can’t live without. I believe in all the products I talk about here but these are super special. I’ve only added two things to my shop so far; the knife strip I mentioned earlier and the John Boos Maple Cutting Board. *drool* I love me some good cutting boards. I ain’t gonna lie, I hate seeing someone bring out their dingy, stained cutting board. Makes me gag a little.  But this one, oh my, this one is fabulous, beautiful, and a must-have.  It’s super easy to keep in tip-top shape and always looks beautiful.

I’ve requested a couple of other things to put in my shop and as soon as they are available, I’ll let you know about them.  What are YOUR absolute favorite kitchen treasures? And are you one of those folks that has cookbooks coming out your ears?  No, I’m not one of them….I don’t think I am….well, maybe I am….shhh.

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