The Ultimate Party Cheese Dip

I am  a fan of Velveeta and I absolutely LOVE this cheese dip!  It’s a favorite among many I know and will never go out of style.  Before I get to the recipe, I thought I’d share some fun food facts with ya about Velveeta.

From the fine folks at Food Reference:

Velveeta© was initially introduced in 1/2 pound packages. 1/4 pound packages were first sold in 1931, two pound in 1939 and one pound in 1950. Slices were introduced in 1980.”

I hadn’t planned on posting this recipe so the pictures are completely unorganized and not so pretty!


  • Velveeta (the big one!)
  • hamburger meat (1/2lb to 1lb)
  • Rotel diced (1 can)
  • 1 cup milk


Cube Velveeta and add milk and Rotel together with cheese in a crockpot.  Put on high until cheese is melted then put on low or turn off.  While melting, brown your hamburger meat, drain.  Add to melted cheese and VIOLA!  You’re good to go but be prepared…this will pack an extra layer to hips, butt, thighs, and stomach!

Yes, for those of you who are new to my blog, I use generic brands when possible but there’s no substitute for the awesome Rotel.  You won’t fancy foods around here ’cause I do keep it real!

Throw the cheese, milk, and rotel in the crockpot and melt..see?

Brown meat…..*yawn*

DONE!  Snort, snort….just lead me to the trough:)

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  1. 1

    Jenn says

    We make this dip too! We put ground Italian sausage in it instead or sometimes half that and half ground beef. You are right it’s really good and I don’t see anything wrong with getting things cheaper, why pay more for the same thing just because it has a different wrapper!

    Jenns last blog post..I love Pizza !

  2. 2

    ali says

    Mmmmm…I love cheese dip! I do think that Velveeta has a slightly different taste than generic brands so I stick with Velveeta. But then there are some generic brands that actually taste better than name brands, too (great value pop tarts are MUCH better than the real thing!)

    alis last blog post..Michigan

  3. 3

    Christine says

    I adore this dip :) YUM!!!! I can eat WAY too much of it by MYSELF!

    Christines last blog post..Save Money With Promo Codes

  4. 4

    Lisa says

    We make this same dip, minus the milk, BUT…you HAVE to try it with adding Taco Seasoning to your meat before you add it to the cheese (like you would for tacos). You will MELT.

    Lisas last blog post..The goings on

  5. 5

    I love making this…and I also make a special batch that is spicy…using chorizo sausage in it and chopped jalapenos. Love it!!

    I Play Outside The Boxs last blog post..Step right up….and have a look here!!!

  6. 6

    Wendy says

    I’ve had something like this a number of times and you’ve just reminded me of one of the few reasons I miss working in an office! lol There was a woman at my old job who would bring in cheese dip with ground beef whenever we had a food day. It went faster than the brownies did! Yum.

    Wendys last blog post..Cake Space’s Large 3-D Cupcake Pan Giveaway!

  7. 7

    Rebekah Miller says

    The Ultimate Party Cheese Dip
    This recipe has photos

  8. 8

    promosyon says

    I love so much listen music and trance :)

  9. 9

    Daphne says

    We make this dip too. My husband makes his self sick on it, lol!

    Daphnes last blog post..Party Pics

  10. 10

    promosyon says

    I love making this…..

  11. 11

    Felicia says

    YUM! I am trying this tonight I think! Matthew was asking if we could have some cheese dip!

  12. 12

    Shauna Walker says

    We have been making this dip for years.. we love it. The only thing we do different is add a can of chili no beans.. it is a must at our family gatherings!! So easy and YUMMY