The Velveeta Challenge Recipe that is Under $20

I actually had a great recipe that I was going to post but after getting my pictures onto the computer, I realized that I forgot to take the final picture!! Gah! What was I thinking.  So now I’m gonna talk about my process for the recipe I created and the cost of it for the Velveeta Challenge.

As I mentioned before, when I think of casserole recipes, I think of fast, family friendly, and low-cost so I kept all those things in mind when creating my recipe.  The hardest challenge for me was coming up with something that was original but I finally just told myself to do it and don’t think about other recipes.  You’d be surprised at how you can use fact, did you know that you can even use it to make fudge?  Yep!  You can!!

Anyways, after several days, I created my Shrimp Stroganoff Casserole.  With only 6 ingredients, it really is super easy and fast to boot!  As many of you know, I’m not a fancy schmancy cook so I didn’t go all crazy and add extra spices or such to pile on the ingredients.  I kept is simple, I kept it real.

For a family of four, this would actually be less than $10 bucks but since the casserole will serve 8, it’s under $20–$17.24 to be exact!

I had planned on buying the ingredients separate but I don’t go to town very often and bought all my groceries at once so you’ll see this recipe’s ingredients highlighted on the receipt.

There are 6 ingredients as you can see.  Prices are as followed:

$1.92 for Broccoli

$1.12 for Sour Cream

$1.14 for Egg Noodles

$4.84 for Velveeta Cheese

$1.08 for Cream of Shrimp

$7.14 for Shrimp

$17.24 Total Cost of 6 ingredients that serves 8.

I did have some trouble finding the Cream of Shrimp so if you can’t find it, you can always substitute with Cream of Mushroom or even Cream of Chicken.  The broccoli was fresh and the shrimp was not on sale so it’s a good deal!

You have to wait to see the recipe in full but I hope that you will enjoy it as much as we did!  And if you do think it’s a winner, I hope that on October 30th, you will all vote for my recipe!

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Until then……………………..

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    Let me just say that fudge made with velveeta cheese is awesome. When I was a kid my mom was given a log, yes log, of it by an elderly lady in our church. It was the most creamy and rich fudge I had ever ate. My mom has been making it for the family ever since. She always makes it in logs so that you can just slice off a bit when you want some. You do have to store it in the fridge, I think, at least we do anyway. I know it sounds kinda nasty to make fudge with cheese but trust me you will love it.


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