They Do More Than Just Leave the Light On for You

I mentioned that GM gave us a loaner for our trip to Arlington to see Joyce Meyer but I haven’t shared where we stayed yet (or even the Joyce Meyer stuff yet). The generous folks at Holiday Inn provided us with a lovely room for our stay.  I really liked the location because it was right next to an IHOP and easy access to the loop and a main street that had lots of stores and food joints.  It was also an easy drive to get to the High Point Church.   Upon arrival, we were greeted by a very nice gentleman, with a great smile, who got us checked in quick!  We looked around for a minute and LOVED the seating all around us.  It was a nice, quite atmosphere.

As we walked down the hall, I couldn’t help but take a photo of the hallway.  It just looked so cool to me!  Kinda reminded me of a movie……hmmmm……

We open the door to our room and see two big fluffy queen size beds and the usual fixins.  Lots of pillows, sleek TV, plenty of plugins, and a thermostat on the wall, yay!  The beds were comfortable I thought. I know a lot of people don’t sleep as well when they travel but man, I slept good and usually do.

Bathroom was nice and my friend Vicki noticed the washcloth in the shape of a fan on the toilet.  She loved that little touch and I agree, the little things are very nice!

One of the first things that we Vicki had to call down for was a toothbrush.  She had forgotten hers and while I could have offered mine I reckon, I highly doubt she would have wanted to share!! Sure enough, they had one for us and when we were leaving to the conference, he immediately recognized us and said, “Okay, which one of you needed the toothbrush?”, of course he said with that fabulous grin of his.  Oh! They had cool touchscreens up so that we could find places to eat, comedy clubs, etc that were close to our Holiday Inn location.  That was pretty cool!

Overall, we give the hotel two thumbs up.  We loved the location, decor, comfy beds & pillows, friendly staff, and the fact that they had a toothbrush ready and waiting.  I don’t think there was one thing we didn’t like in fact.  Our needs were met, we were very comfortable, slept good, and came back to clean rooms.  While those others leave the lights on for you, that’s about all they do.  Give Holiday Inn a try next time and get the pampered feel without the cost.  They are great, quality hotels!


Disclosure: Holiday Inn provided two nights stay for me and my friends on our trip to see Joyce Meyer.  All opinions are my own, always have been, always will be. We’ve stayed in them many times and love them.  My dad has earned tons of free nights with them because of all his stays during travel.  You’ll like them! 


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  1. Karen says

    Oh the inside is lovely, very contemporary feeling. I wish I had that round seating in my living room! I’ve heard good things about Holiday Inn but have never stayed in one. Thanks for the review. You take great photos Lori!

  2. Sara says

    I have mostly stayed at the express holiday inns but have enjoyed a stay or two at full service ones as well. We even stayed at the ‘green’ hotel in san antonio by seaworld. The suites were really nice and you had to leave your card in to power the lights and/or ac, can’t remember now.

    great review!